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23 June 2018

Varamoortheeswarar Temple

Varamoortheeswarar temple can be reached by road from Chennai Koyambedu by taking a bus which goes to Kalahasthi Thirupathi and getting down at Kavarapettai bus stand. From there if we travel 3 km we can reach Ariyathurai where there is this temple “MARAKATHAVALLI SAMETHA VARAMOORTHEESWARAR TEMPLE” Now I am here to give you all the history of this temple.

There was a rishi by the name Uromasar. He was the disciple of the great rishi Agatheeswarar. He prayed to lord Brahma and asked for a place for him to pray to lord Shiva and goddess Parvathi. Brahma agreed and made a wheel out of the grass he was having in his hand and threw it. The wheel fell in a place along the bank of river Brahmaranyam.

The rishi Uromasar then kept a Shiva linga in that place and started praying to that linga for nearly 100 years. Then lord Shiva and Parvathi came in front of him and gave him many boons and this place came to be known as Ariyathurai(in Tamil ariya means rare ).

Rishi Mukuntha was the son of Sathi Anushya and rishi Athiri. He was travelling to all the temples in south India. At that time he visited Ariyathurai also. Mukundha rishi met Uromasar rishi and the former told the latter that he is travelling to Kasi. So Uromasar rishi told Mukundha rishi that he need not go to Kasi instead he asked him to pray at Ariyathurai itself because if he prays there he would get all the benefits of going to Kasi he told. So Mukuntha rishi bathed in the Arani river and prayed to lord Varamoortheeswarar. Immediately the lord came in front of him as Kalabairavar the protecting god of Kasi.

From lord Shiva’s head Ganges, the river came out and fell on the ground. The place where it fell was called Ariyathurai and the water formed the Arani river. This river has a rare phenomenon. The place where the river starts has so far never gone dry even if the river goes dry. The level of the source also remains at the same in all seasons.

Lord Indra and  Viruthira asura had a great battle for a very long time. But finally, Indra severed the asura’s head and threw it down. This head fell on the lap of rishi Agathiyar who was doing penace and his penance got interupted. So Agathiyar rishi got angry and he cursed Indra that he will suffer from “Brahmahathi thosham“. Realising his mistake Indra went and asked for forgiveness. Then rishi forgave him and told Indra to pray to lord Shiva in Varamoortheeswarar temple. Indra did that in the Tamil month of Margazhi in the Ashtami tithi which came after a new moon day.

There is a peepul tree in Ariyathurai. It’s considered to be very sacred and people consider that lord Krishna is there in that tree. Once lord Krishna’s two wives fought for one parijat tree. So the lord told that each of them can have that tree for a period of 6 months. Because fo constantly being shifted the parijat tree got angry and cursed lord Krishna that he will become a peepul tree for 1000 years.So it is believed that lord Krishna took the form of peepul tree in Ariyathurai

One monkey due to the mistake done by its ancestors was suffering in this Ariyathurai, One day a hunter chased that monkey. So the monkey went around the peepul tree and bathed in the Arani river and prayed to lord Shiva in Varamoortheeswrara temple. That monkey was born as king of Kanchi in his next birth. Remembering what had happened in his previous birth the king visited Ariyathurai and built the Varamoortheeswarar temple.

King of Thiruvotriyur, Chitrasen one day went to the forest for hunting. There he heard a baby crying. When he searched he found a girl baby on the ground crying. The king did not have any children so he took the child to his kingdom. He named the baby Maragathavalli and brought her up as his own daughter. When the child came of age the king arranged for her swayamvara. Lord Varamoortheeswarar took the form of a hunter and carried Maragathavalli. The king followed them with his army. But later found both of them in marriage attire at this place Ariyathurai.

So it is believed that if anyone prays to the lord in Varamoortheeswarar temple they will be relieved of “Brahmaharthi thosham” and they will get married soon. Also, other thosham like sarpathosham and pithru thosham will get releived. If we go around the peepul tree we will get the blessing of lord Krishna. Also, Kasi’s lord Kalabairavar is in the form of a suyambulinga in Ariyathurai. 

So to get relieved of all the sins please visit Varamoortheeswarar temple

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