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24 May 2018
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Vaiyavoor Prasanna Venkatesa Perumal Temple

Vaiyavoor Prasanna Venkatesa Perumal Temple 

This temple is located on a small hill in the village of Vaiyavoor. It is about 73 km from Chennai the capital of Tamilnadu in South India. Traveling via Vandalur, Singaperumalkoil, Kattankalathur and Pulipakkam we can reach this temple. This temple is also called as Thenthirupathi and people who cannot give their offering in Thirupathi can do so here and their wishes will be granted by the lord. The temple can be approached by foot through stairs and there is a motorable road through which one can reach by car.

From the car park area, we have to climb a bit to reach the main entrance of the temple. From this place, we can have an entire view of the surrounding village which shows lush green fields and small buildings.

History of the temple

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In the Ramayana war when the fight was going between Ravana and lord Rama at one point of time Lakshmana fainted and only a herb from the Sanjeevini hill could bring him back to conscious so lord Rama requested Hanuman to bring those herbs. Oncer Hanuman reached the Sanjeevini hills he did not know which was the right herb so he decided to carry the hill as a whole. On his way back when he was carrying the hill he rested in this hill and prayed to lord Varahamoorthy and Lord Prasanna Vengadesa Perumal. Hanuman never placed the Sanjeevini hill down so this place is called Vaiyavoor meaning not kept

Architecture of this temple

There was an ancient king called Thondaimaan who was an ardent devotee of Lord Venkateswara at Thirupathi. Once, Lord Venkateswara helped the king with His Conch (Sangu) and Chakra to defeat the enemies. The king after defeating his enemies built a beautiful temple for the Lord at Thirupathi. Lord Venkateswara gave him darshan here on a chariot with a Sengol (செங்கோல்), the symbolic weapon held by kings. The foot marks of the horse and the marks of the chariot wheel are seen on some rocks of the hill here.

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             There are two procession deities, Srinivasa and Kallarpiran. The former comes in car procession during the Purattasi festival and later in Chithirai festival. There are shrines for Chakarathazhwar, Venugopalar and Lord Sri Rama in the temple. Sri Veera Anjaneya is at the foot of the temple in a flying posture. Devotees submit their prayers in writing to Sri Anjaneya, cover it in a yellow cloth along with an unstripped coconut. Lord Lakshmi Ganapathi shrine is nearby.

The temple deities

According to rules of worship in Tirupathi, the first worship should be dedicated to Lord Adi Varahaswami before reaching Lord Srinivasa-Venkatachalapathi. The same system is followed in this temple too. There is a separate shrine for Lord. When Perumal took Varaha Avatar, Garuda Bhagwan could not have this darshan. Hence, this Varaha darshan was granted to Garuda in this temple.

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             Lord Prasanna Venkateswara in the sanctum sanctorum looks majestically holding the scepter-Sengole. Two Mahalakshmis are on His broad chest on both sides. Divine serpent Adi Sesha has his place in the Tiruvasi frame. Lord is wearing Ashalakshmi-Sahasranama malas and Dasavatara Odyanam the belt around the waist. Lord grants Netra darshan (Darshan of eyes only) without any special Alankaras on Thursday mornings. The view of Lord falls on the devotees. Of the Dwarapalakas, Jayan is wearing the Simha design earring and Vijayan is wearing the Gaja –elephant designed earrings. This is a different feature in this temple. There is a separate shrine for Mother Alarmelmangai Thayar.

The temple for Chakrathalwar is really big next to the lord’s shrine almost the size of the temple for lord Venkatesa

Pooja timings

Morning: 8.00 AM to 12.00 PM

Evening: 4.00 PM to 7.00PM

Festivals in the temple

  •  Thiruvonam.
  • Ammavasai.
  • Pournami.
  • Pradhosam

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