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23 June 2018

Vadamadurai Perumal and Shiva temple

Vadamadurai Perumal/Shiva temple

This temple is situated about 50 km from Chennai in south India.  The main Gods here are lord Vishnu and lord Shiva. The temple of Lord Vishnu is almost 1200 years old.

History of the temple 

It was told once there was a asura who was giving lot of trouble to the people.  To save the people lord Vishnu had come to destroy him.  But the Lord could not kill the asura separately so he sought the help of goddess Parvathi and both of them together killed the asura. The Lord alone along with his wIves Seedhevi and Boodhevi stood here.  It’s a belief that after visiting this temple if we visit a goddess Shakthi’s temple all our troubles will vanish.
Close to the Perumal temple to the right is the temple of Lord Shiva.  Here actually the Shiva linga was found at a later date some 700 years back.  They believe that the linga must have been installed by sage Agastya because this sage usually installs linga in square form rather than round.
The gopura of Lord Perumal was built by the owner of Apollo hospital some 25 years back and that of lord Shiva by the local people
Architecture of the temples
Perumal temple 
There is an entry just in front but now they encourage people to come through the side entry.  Exactly in front is the Adhi Kesava Perumal temple.  In front of his shrine is a small temple of Karudalwar in praying posture.  Here the Lord is in standing posture along with his consorts Seedhevi and Boodhevi.  The specialty here is the Urchavar idols are taller than the Moolavar.  The Moolavar idol is made of stone and the Urchavar idols are made of bronze.
In the right close to the garpagraha are idols of Lord Ram with his consort Goddess Seetha and brother Lord Lakshman. Hanuman is seen in praying posture and there are idols for Bhrathalwar and Chakrathalwar in the chakra form.  Lord Krishna idol is in the form of Navaneethakrishna.
On coming out of the garpagraha is the main mandapa.  This is an ancient construction shown by its pillars which have exquisite carving. To the left is the temple for goddess Adilakshmi. Surprisingly here there is not a single idol of Andal neither a temple for her. In the right close to the entrance is the shrine for Hanuman and he is in standing posture.
The pathways of this temple is clean but the surroundings are filled with bushes.
Lord Shiva temple
A right cutting from Lord Perumal temple is the Shiva temple.  The entrance arch and for that matter, the entire temple is a new construction built some 25 years back.  On entering is the mandapa and only when you turn left you can see the Lord.  In front of lord, Shiva is the idol of Nandi.  To the left close to the garpagraha is the temple for goddess Gangai Valli Thayar.  Her shrine is seen only if the people say or it is not seen openly.
On coming out of the mandapa to the right is the temple for Lord Ganesh and on going further is the temple of Lord Muruga.  Still, they have not erected the idol of Lord Muruga due to lack of funds. There is the shrine of Lord Chandigeswarar and goddess Durga.  But Lord Brahma, Vishnu, Datchinamoorthy and Bhairava temple is not there.  Close to the entrance to the left is the Nava Graha temple.
Although these temples are remote regular pooja takes place and maintenance is done by the family who repaired these temples generations together
The Lord Shiva temple is half finished due to wanting of funds please donate liberally for this cause.



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