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The Twelve Dancing Princesses

The Twelve Dancing Princesses

Once upon a time, there was a king who was ruling a very big kingdom. He had twelve beautiful daughters. They were very beautiful that many princes asked for their hands. But there was one mystery with these princesses. Every night when they went to bed their room would be locked well and they were advised to go to sleep. Next day morning their shoes were lying torn as if they had been dancing the whole day night. This was surprising when their rooms were so well locked. The king tried to find the secret but he could not.
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So he made an announcement, he told, ” whoever found out the secret as to where the princess was going would be given my daughter whom he liked and also can rule my kingdom but if he fails to find it out in three days he will be put to death on the fourth day”
First, a prince came to take the challenge. He was allotted the room next to that of the princesses room. Both his room and the princesses room were kept open so that he could see what the princesses were doing. He kept awake for a long time but sleep took over him and he felt fast asleep. Next day morning when he woke up he found the princesses in their room but their shoes were torn. The same thing happened all three nights and on the fourth day morning, the king ordered his men to cut off the prince’s head.
Then many princes and many brave men tried to find out but in vain no, one could find and all of them lost their lives.
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Then one day a prince came by that kingdom and heard about this mystery and the announcement. He wanted to try his hands but as luck would have it that moment an old woman passed by him. He stopped her and asked her for the details. The old woman told that it was not a great issue as to find out that. So the prince asked her, ” if it had been so easy then why did so many of them lose their lives”
For that, the old woman replied, “don’t drink the wine the princess serves you in the night and I will give you a magic cloak with that you can find the secret.”
The prince thanked the old woman and went to the palace to accept the challenge. He was led to his room and was given royal treatment. Night came and the eldest princess got a cup of wine to him. He somehow managed to throw away the wine but pretended to have drunk it. Then he started sleeping and snoring. The princess thought that he had slept and went back to her room.
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Then they opened their wardrobes and took the best of their dresses and jewels and wore them and dressed up and looked very beautiful. Then the eldest princess went to the center of the bedroom and swayed her hand. The floor gave way and a secret chamber opened. One by one all the princess started going into the chamber. The prince thought this was the time and he followed them into the chamber. In his hurry, he stepped on the little princess’s dress.
Immediately the princess shouted, “I don’t think everything is going right today I feel we are watched”
For this, the eldest princess told, “that fellow is sleeping like a log for the sleeping potion I have given him he will never get up until morning”
At the end of the chamber, they came to a wonderful groove where all the trees had silver leaves. The prince plucked a branch from one of the trees to show that he had been there.
On hearing the branch break again the youngest princess told
But the eldest princess hushed her off. Like this, they passed through two more grooves where the trees were having golden and diamond leaves. Each time the prince broke off a branch and the youngest princess told the same thing. But the eldest princess hushed her off.
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At the end, they came to the side of a river. In the river, there were twelve boats with twelve handsome princes in them. Each of the princesses boarded into each of the boats. The prince who followed them boarded along with the last princess. The prince who rowed the last boat told, ” today I am finding the boat heavy I am rowing to the best of my might but still can’t row fast.
Then they reached the other bank of the river. There was a beautiful castle there. The prince and the princess went to the castle. Inside was the world’s best food served. The princesses ate, drank and danced along with their princes. Finally, their shoes became torn and they had to return. In the return journey, the prince got into the boat of the eldest princess.
On returning back to the palace he rushed past them and went to his room and pretended to be fast asleep. The eldest princess saw him sleeping and was happy that her plan worked.
Every day for the next two days the same thing happened. On the last day, he took off a golden cup with him from the castle.
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On the fourth day morning, the king asked the prince if he could find out the reason. The prince told all that he had seen the previous two days and gave the three branches and the cup as a proof. The king then summoned his daughters and they also agreed. The king then asked the prince who among his daughters will the prince like to marry. The prince opted to marry the first daughter and the king handed over the kingdom to the prince. He married the princess and ruled the kingdom with goodness and justice and they lived happily ever after.
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