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19 June 2018

Toxicology mcqs 7

Toxicology MCQs 7

  1. A man working as a pest killer comes to the OPD with pain abdomen garlic odour in breath and transverse lines in nails. Most likely the person is having

a. arsenic poisoning
b. lead poisoning
c. mercury poisoning
d. cadmium poisoning

Ans a

2. In chronic arsenic poisoning greatest amount is found in

a. muscle
b. kidney
c. liver
d. keratin tissue

Ans c

3. In a suspected case of death due to poisoning where cadaveric rigidity is lasting longer than usualit may be poisoning due to

a. lead
b. arsenic
c. mercury
d. copper

Ans b

4. Delayed rigor mortis occurs due to which poisoning

a. mercury
b. lead
c. arsenic
d. strychnine

Ans c

5. A middle-aged man presents with paresthesia of hands and feet. Examination reveals presence of mees line in the nails and rain drop pigmentation in the hands. The most liely causative toxin for the above mentioned symptoms is

a. lead
b. arsenic
c. thallium
d. mercury

Ans b

6. What acts as both poison and antidote

a. CuSO4
b. Hg Cl2
c. Ar2SO3
d. thallium arsenate

Ans a

7. In chronic lead poisoning diagnostics increase in level of

a. bile
b. calcium
c. urobilinogen
d. corpoporphyrin

Ans d

8. Yellow discolouration of skin and mucosa is seen in which poisoning

a. nitrous oxide
b. nitric acid
c. sulphuric acid
d. phosphoric acid

Ans b

9. EDTA is used in which metal poisoning

a. copper
b. arsenic
c. iron
d. phosphorous

Ans b

10. In criminal offence in India for a person to drive with a blood ethyl concentration of

a. 50 mg%
b. 80 mg%
c. 100
d. Any of the above

Ans d

11. In a patient with acute arsenic poisoning which of the following show accumulation of As

a. liver
b. bone marrow
c. skin
d. all the above

Ans d

12. Anemia punctate basophilia constipation blue lines and abdominal colic are characteristic of

a. opium addiction
b. arsenic addiction
c. mercuric addiction
d. lead addiction

Ans d

13. A patient presented with encephalopathy, wrist drop, colic and constipationBlood picture shows basophilic stippling of RBCS most liely cause is

a. lead poisoning
b. arsenic poisoning
c. iron poisoning
d. opium poisoning

Ans a

14. In non-exposed person, the level of coproporphyrin in urine is

a. less than 150 microgram/liter
b. less than 1000 microgram/liter
c. more than 500  microgram/liter
d. none

Ans a

15. Least common complication of lead poisoning in an adult is

a. abdominal colic
b. peripheral neuropathy
c. anemia
d. encephalopathy

Ans b

16. Sindoor used by ladies comprise of

a. lead acetate
b. lead tetraoxide
c. lead chromate
d. lead carbamate

Ans b

17. The boy died in the emergency room with white froth in the mouth. The poisoning is due to

a. organophosphorus
b. opium
c. HCN
d. none

Ans b

18. Hypocalcemia is seen in poisoning due to

a. ammonia
b. salicylate
c. carbolic acid
d. oxalic acid

Ans d

19. Phossy jaw is caused by

a. white phosphorous
b. arsenic
c. yellow phosphorous
d. antimony

Ans a

20. All the following are features of chronic lead poisoning except

a. encephalopathy
b. Burtonian line
c. blisters
d. constipation

Ans c

21. Which is typically excreted in lead poisoning

a. urobilinogen
b. coproporphyrin
c. bilirubin
d. bile salts

Ans b

22. Shaking palsy is associated with poisoning due to

a. lead
b. mercury
c. arsenic
d. strontium

Ans b

23. Which of the following is true regarding mercury poisoning except

a. coarse tremor seen
b. fine tremor seen
c. loss of skilled activity
d. inappropriate shyness and irritability

Ans b

24. Mercury poison acts on

a. proximal convoluted tubule
b. distal convoluted tubule
c. loop of henle
d. collecting tubule

Ans a

25. Leathery stomach is seen in poisoning  due to

a. phenol
b. cyanide
c. copper sulphate
d. sodium hydroxide

Ans a

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