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Thor Superhero

Thor SuperHero

The character, based on the Norse mythological deity of the same name, is the Asgardian god of thunder.Thor is undoubtedly one of the strongest beings in the Marvel Universe and is one of the key members of the Avengers. Along with his fellow Asgardians, Thor possesses a set of rare superpowers and abilities, many of which cannot be replicated by anyone else. Much of that is due to his trusty hammer Mjolnir.

In Kenneth Branagh’s Thor, Odin says, “Whoever holds this hammer, if he is worthy, shall possess the power of Thor.” It’s a recurring theme throughout the Marvel Cinematic Universe and is something we last saw in Joss Whedon’s Avengers: Age of Ultron in which Thor allowed his fellow teammates to test their worthiness. None but Steve Rogers is able to move the hammer, which is fitting considering that Thor has requested that, in the case of his death, Mjolnir be passed on to Steve Rogers.

While we’ve already seen Thor use a few of his powers, the vast majority of his abilities have eluded the big screen. Perhaps with Thor: Ragnarok on the way, we’ll finally see him utilize his full potential. Until then, most of his powers remain unknown to casual moviegoers.

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Full Name:Thor Odinson

Place of origin: Asgard

Hammer: Mjolnir

Creators: Stan Lee, Jack Kirby

Fictional universe: Marvel Universe

Partnership: Mercurio the 4-D Man



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Thor had many adventures in Earth’s past. Around the year 1000 CE, he faced Hercules and time traveling Greek warriors, the vampire Varnae, the Annunaki deity Marduk, the troll Grylak the Greater, giant rats in an Atlantean outpost, visited the sons of one of the men killed by the rats, and battled Dromedan. Thor also lived as the humans Sigurd and Siegfried, slaying the dragon Fafnir. In the 1800’s Thor traveled to the American west to thwart Loki and encountered a time-displaced Black Panther. In 1942 the Abrahamic tyrant Hitler tricked Thor into trying to kill Stalin, but Thor learned the truth thanks to the time-travelling Doctor Doom. Later in the 1940’s Thor aided Venus against the Creeping Death, Major John Dark, and the Sultan of Coscoroba. In the 1960’s Thor helped free Venus from Rumor. At some point at least 20-25 years ago, Thor battled a flying, serpentine monster. Sadly, a woman died when debris dislodged in the battle fell on her. Later, Thor nearly started a war by violating a truce with his family’s ancient enemy, the Frost Giants. Odin, his father, banished the young god of thunder to Earth without his memory, to teach Thor how to behave as a mere mortal. After a decade as an earthly doctor, Donald Blake was drawn to Norway and a subsequent encounter with a race of warmongering aliens. While hiding out in a cave, Blake found a mysterious wooden cane that turned out to be the enchanted hammer Mjolnir  which transformed him back into the mighty Thor. He drove off the alien invaders and took his place with the Avengers. Shaking off the Blake persona, Thor was later forced to assume the human identity of EMS technician Jake Olsen. Thor is forever torn between his divine home  the hallowed halls of Asgard — and the troubled lands of his adopted home, Earth. After the events of Avengers: Disassembled, Thor, having taken the throne after the death of his father Odin, watched as Ragnarok engulfed all of Asgard. Thor is presumably dead, although he will return.

The young Thor was raised alongside Loki, who had been adopted by Odin after Loki’s Frost Giant father Laufey had been killed in battle. For all of their childhood, Loki was jealous of Thor. Loki’s jealousy, which grew to hatred, resulted in a desire to kill Thor. Thus began Loki’s enmity for Thor, which persisted for many centuries.

For example, when Thor was eight, Odin sent him to Nidavellir, the land of the Dwarves, to bid the dwarf lords Brokk and Eitri to create three treasures for Asgard’s ruler. Among the three treasures that Brokk and Eitri created was the Uru hammer Mjolnir.Odin bestowed various enchantments upon the hammer, including one that made it impossible for anyone to lift it except someone who was truly worthy of wielding it. Odin then declared that he was reserving the use of Mjolnir for Thor, who would receive it on the day that great deeds of selfless valor had proved him worthy of its powerFor years, Thor strove to become physically strong enough to wield the hammer and was responsible for many heroic deeds. Finally, when Thor was sixteen, Odin sent him and his friends Balder and Sif on a quest to teach him what was truly required to wield Mjolnir which was a pure heart.

Origin of Thor

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Thor is the son of Odin, All-father of the Asgardian Gods, and the elder goddess Gaea, the living embodiment of Earth itself. Thor was born centuries ago in a cave in Norway. Once Thor was weened, Odin brought him to Asgard where he was raised to be the God of Thunder and heir to the throne. As the Asgardian God of Thunder, Thor commands the thunder, the lightning the wind and all the elements of the storm with his hammer Mjolnir, which was forged from the legendary, indestructible Asgardian metal; Uru. Mjolnir gives Thor the power of flight and helps him channel, focus or amplify his own godly elemental powers. Though the hammer is quite heavy by mortal standards, It can only be lifted by those deemed worthy to do so, regardless of the would-be wielder’s physical strength. After centuries of defending Asgard from its enemies, Thor became too proud and grew headstrong. It was because of this that he was banished to Midgard by his father to teach him some needed humility. Made mortal and given the form of the handicapped human doctor Donald Blake, Thor learned what it was like to be small and frail and how to be humble and truly noble despite being mortal. When in his mortal guise of Dr. Blake he is able to transform into his true godly form by striking his walking stick actually Mjolnir in disguise upon any solid surface causing the transformation that changes him into Thor and his walking stick into his hammer Mjolnir.

Thor’s Innate Abilities and Powers

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Life-Force: also known as the God-Force. The godly energies that fuel all of Thor’s godlike powers. Thor’s immortal life-force is more powerful than the mystical properties of Mjolnir. Unlike many other deities, Thor’s unique Life-force allows him to have full access to all of his powers regardless of what realm he enters. The only beings so far that has been shown to affect Thor’s God-force are Odin Dormammu and Odin’s raven in the form of Marnot. Thor’s God-force is also the key to him using the God-blast.

Godlike Strength: In addition to being the God of Thunder, Thor is also the Asgardian God of Strength, as such he is physically the strongest of the Asgardian gods. His feats include destroying an arch weighing over a million tons, crumbling Uru into dust, lifting the Midgard Serpent, who was large enough to coil around the Earth from head to tail multiple times over and crush it in its grip.

Physiology: Biologically half-Asgardian, half-Elder God, Thor possesses a number of superhuman attributes common among the Asgardian gods. However, some are considerably more developed than those of the vast majority of his race. Thor is the most powerful being on the planet currently and one of the most powerful beings in the Marvel Universe. While on Earth, Thor greatly withholds his power unless fighting someone with similar strength and durability and for caution of not destroying the planet with his power.

Super Strength: Thor’s strength increases with age and is equivalent to Hulk’s. His feats include ripping apart vibration with his bare hands, smashing pure adamantium, easily overpowering Rulk, lifting a 40 billion ton warship with one hand and said it was like lifting the paper,etc.

Super Speed: Thor can travel a max speed of 40,000 FTL.

Superhuman Reflexes: Thor has femtosecond reaction time.His feats include knocking out Photon while she was moving at light speed, knocking Gladiator out of hyperspace while he was moving 10,000x FTL, being able to dodge 100 punches thrown at him in 1/40 of a pico-second, perceive particles moving at 10x FTL, move so fast that not even Quicksilver could see Thor, let alone touch him, capable of speed blitzing characters like the Hulk, Abomination, Apollo, Supreme in another crossover,etc.

Super Stamina: Thor possesses virtually unlimited stamina in all physical activities due to his body being unable to produce fatigue toxins. He has fought the entire frost giant army for nine months straight, without sustenance or rest, without tiring at all. He has fought the sky father Zeus for 9 months, pushing him, and still he did not tire. It has been stated by Hela herself that Thor can fight on for however long it takes.

Self-Sufficiency: Thor has no need for food, water, air or sleep due to his self-sustaining physiology.

Super Hearing: Thor can hear any sound as it happens up to half a galaxy away.

Super Breath: He can blow winds that can freeze matter within a few feet, and powerful enough to blow the Earth back into orbit.

Longevity: 1 year to Thor is 10,000 human years. He uses the golden apples of Idunn to sustain his vigor.

Invulnerability: He possesses an invisible bioelectric forcefield that protects him from harm and defies physics. His feats include surviving three blasts from a laser powered by the core of a planet without feeling a thing, surviving four doomsday bombs at point blank range in the chest without even the slightest discomfort, sitting inside the core of the sun, surviving a white dwarf star some 10 million times larger than our own going supernova and isn’t even phased, surviving absolute zero with no problem at all, having bullets bounce off him, radiation having no effect upon him at the very least, withstanding Juggernaut’s unrestrained blows,etc. Despite his near invulnerability, Thor can be harmed by other beings who match his might or reality warpers.

Healing Factor: Thor can heal from any injury instantly without scarring, including missing organs or limbs.

Telescopic Vision: Can see things happening light years away as it happens.

Earth Control: Due to half elder-god physiology. He can cause earthquakes anywhere on Earth, open up vortexes in the sea, create chasms, landslides, and even erupt volcanos.

Know About Thor

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  • The character Thor made his first appearance in the August 1962 issue of Journey into Mystery. His premiere in issue #83 of that series wasn’t the only big thing to happen in the Marvel Comics world that month, though: Also hitting shelves was Amazing Fantasy #15, the comic that introduced Spider-Man to the world.
  • In just a few years, Thor’s popularity rose to the point where Marvel applied to have the comic-book character’s full title, The Mighty Thor, protected by a trademark. The publisher was granted the trademark by the United States Patent and Trademark Office in 1970.
  • Thor: The Dark World was filmed in England under the working title “Thursday Mourning,” a reference to the day of the week originally known as “Thor’s Day.”
  • According to Norse mythology, Thor and the other gods of Asgard gain their immortality from eating the magical Golden Apples of Idunn, which grow in Asgard and can only be picked by the goddess Idunn. This is also the case for the Marvel Comics version of Thor, who has periodically returned to Asgard in order to renew his immortality.
  • The magical hammer Mjolnir isn’t the only weapon Thor relies upon in the Marvel Comics universe. His enchanted Belt of Strength is also important if frequently overlooked element of his arsenal, as it enhances his strength to almost double its otherwise impressive level. In Norse mythology, these two items are accompanied by magical, iron gloves that allow him to wield Mjolnir.
  • While Thor’s powers have changed over time like most other comic-book superheroes, the mechanics behind his ability to “fly” have remained relatively stable over the years. In the Marvel Comics universe, when Thor needs to get from one place to another through the air, he throws his hammer into the sky and hangs on to the strap. The hammer then pulls him through the air to his destination. When he needs to hover in mid-air, he twirls the hammer around like the rotor of a helicopter, which keeps him suspended above the ground. 



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