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24 April 2018
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Thiruvallur Jalanarayanan temple

Thiruvallur Jalanarayanan temple

About 50 km from Chennai, the capital of Tamilnadu in South India is a place called Thiruvallur.
Thiruvallur once a small town is now well developed with big shops hotels and beauty parlours.
In the interior of this place is this temple Jalanarayanan temple.
This temple is also called Shiva Vishnu temple because these two Lords are the presiding deities here.
The entrance gopura is big and exquisite. It is painted white with beautiful idols. On entering is an open space and then is the entrance. On either side of the entrance are the two guarding deities.
Entering into the temple on the left side is the temple of Lord Ganesha and next to his temple is the temple of Lord Ayyappan. Next is a small temple for Lord Krishna with his consorts Rukmini and Bhama. Behind the Krishna temple is the temple of Lord Ram along with Seetha, Lakshman and Anjaneyar.
Then comes the temple of Lord Srinivasa and goddess Padmavathy in a separate temple.
Next is the temple of Lord Shiva. It’s quite a big one since he is the presiding deity. Here Lord Shiva is in the form of a linga.
Then is the temple of Poonguzhali thayar. If we go around the temple of Lord Shiva there are many small temples for Lord Muruga, Lord anjaneyar, Lord Ganesha, Lord Bairavar and the temple for Navagraha.
Adjacent to this main temple is the temple for Jalanarayanan. There is an opening in the compound which leads to the temple. It is this idol which makes this temple famous and gives the temple its name. Lord Narayan here is on his snake bed along with his consort. The arrangement is just like the Lord residing in his heavenly abode Vaikunt.
This temple is quite a new temple but maintained well and is always neat and clean. Also since both Shiva and Vishnu can be prayed in the same place it is very famous. It is a worth visiting temple so come once to this temple and pray to the great Lords and get their blessings.
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