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25 May 2018
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Thiruparangundram temple

Thiruparangundram temple

Thiruparangundram temple – glory

Tholkappiam is an ancient Tamil literature. In this literature the Tamil land is split into four types namely mullai, kurinji, marutham and neithal. Kurinji refers to the hilly regions. These regions are rules by the Tamil god Lord Muruga. The main places where he rules in these hilly regions are called “ARUPADAI VEEDU”. Lord Muruga has other names like Kandha, Kumara, Karthikeya, Shanmuga and others

Thiruparangundram is about 1050feet above the sea level. Its a really beautiful place with its beauty lying on its hill, art, and architecture. Its a very wonderful cave temple. This lovely temple with its natural beauty is an example of the building skills of ancient Tamilians

Madurai Meenakshi Amman temple which is 2000 years old and which was also suggested for the wonders of the world is a real historical treasure. About 8 km from this temple is this religious treasure Thiruparangundram.

This temple is situated in an area of about 6 acres. In Devaram this is the third temple among all lord Shiva’s temple in ancient Pandinadu. Among the arupadai veedu of lord Muruga, this is the first temple. Although this temple belongs to lord Shiva mostly devotees throng this temple for praying to lord Muruga only. It’s in this temple lord Muruga prayed to lord Shiva and it is considered on par with Mt Kailash.

Thiruparangundram temple – history

Once lord Shiva was teaching the om mantra to goddess Parvathi in Kailash. That time lord Muruga was playing on the lap of goddess Parvathi. That time lord Muruga also learnt the mantra om from lord Shiva. This Om mantra is a very sacred mantra. It has to be learnt only from a guru according to ancient astrology. If anyone learns it without the help of a guru it was considered as sin. So lord Muruga  got sized by sin.

To atone for his sin lord Muruga came to Thiruparangundram hills and did penance. On a thai poosam, day lord Shiva and goddess Parvathi came to the hills and relieved him fo his sin. Even today on thai poosam day lot of devotees throng this temple to get the blessing from both lord Shiva and goddess Parvathi.

Thiruparangundram temple – glory of lord Muruga’s incarnation

Lord Muruga came into this world to kills asura’s and to protect the good people. He killed asura Soorapadman and defeated his great army in the battle. Then on the request of Soorapdaman he converted him into a peacock and cock. He kept the peacock as his vehicle and the cock as his logo. the devas hailed lord Muruga for killing Soorapadman. The king of devas lord Indra asked lord Muruga to marry his daughter the beautiful Deivanai as a present for his victory. Lord Muruga agreed and married Deivanai and accepted her as his first wife. That divine wedding took place in this beautiful hill Thiruparangundram amidst all the devas. Since this is the place where the divine wedding took place even now people come here to get wed and come to pray for getting a good bride or groom.

Thiruparangundram temple – history of the temple

In the period of the olden day Pandyas,  this temple was a cave temple. It became famous in the later Pandya rule. In the period of the Nayakers, the gopuras and mandapas were built.

In 765-815 BC the place was ruled by a king called Nedunchadiyan Paranthakan. His military leader was Santhan Ganapathy. It was this leader who made a temple for Lord Shiva here and it is this temple that we pray now.

Later in the 8 th century Shanthan’s wife Nakkankottri built a temple for goddess Durga here says ancient inscriptions

It was during the period of the Naickers this temple got developed to a great extent. In 1505 BC Veerappa Naicker built the gopura and the compound wall for this temple.

In 1623-1659 BC Thirumalai naicker has made a statue of himself and his wife under a tree in Meenakshi amman temple. Likewise, he made a similar statue here also.

Thiruparangundram temple – real images taken with my cell phone

Since these images are taken from a cell phone it may not be clear but they are actual images

the inside manadapa of the thiruparangundram temple the entrance manadapa of the thiruparangundram temple the entrance of thiruparnagundram temple with shopsthe entrance gate of thiruparnagundram temple difficult to cover it as a whole explicit carvings at thiruparangundram temple yet another carving at the temple entrance an architectural wonder









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