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The serpent prince

The serpent prince

Once upon a time, there was an old woman who was very poor. One day in her hut she had very little flour not even enough to bake one slice of bread. She cursed her fate and thought that it was not worth living anymore. She decided to end her life but decided to do that after she tried her last luck.

So she took a pot and went to the river. After having her bath she thought she will ask someone for some flour. She reached the bank of the river and left the pot there and entered the river to have a bath. After a good bath, she went to the bank and looked inside the pot. Inside the pot was a serpent curled and quietly lying inside. She thought the God himself did not want her to be alive. She then closed the mouth of the pot with a cloth and started walking to her house. She thought she will open the pot once she is back home and then allow the serpent to bite her. Thinking so she reached her home.

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Inside her home, she locked the door and slowly opened the pot and put her hand inside the pot. But instead of the serpent, there was a costly diamond necklace inside the pot. She removed the necklace and found out that it was made of very rare and costly diamonds. Immediately she decided to give the necklace to the king. She went to the palace and asked for a separate meeting with the king. The king agreed. In that private meeting, she showed the necklace to the king. The king liked the necklace so much and immediately summoned his guards to give it to the Queen. Then he paid the old woman a hefty sum enough for her lifetime. Happily, the lady went back home.

The king and queen then locked the necklace in their safe. Next day the king of a neighboring country sent an invitation to them asking them to attend the birth celebration of their newborn daughter. The Queen thought she would wear the necklace for the celebration. She took bath and dressed herself up and opened the safe to take out the necklace. But instead of the necklace, there was a handsome baby boy. She sent for the king immediately. The king on seeing the boy the Queen it was god given gift for the king and queen did not have a child and were praying to God for a baby boy. So they canceled their trip, for now, they have to celebrate the arrival of the new prince.

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The whole kingdom was announced about this and the prince’s arrival was celebrated with pomp and show. The prince then grew up into a handsome lad. The king and queen searched for a beautiful princess to marry their son. Finally, it was the princess whose birth celebration they were invited for was chosen as the bride. The princess’s mother had a doubt about the birth of the prince. So she told her daughter that somehow she should find out that secret then only she can have a happy married life.

So from the first day of the wedding, the princess kept on asking how suddenly he became the prince of his kingdom. For that, the prince told if he told the truth then the princess will have to repent for her lifetime. But still, the princess kept on insisting. So one day the prince agreed to tell. He told that he was the prince of a distant kingdom but due to a curse he became a serpent and the rest of the story as to how he reached the kingdom he told. No sooner had he finished telling about himself he turned into a serpent and left the room. The princess then realized her mistake and wept greatly.

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But the princess decided to get back her husband. She made a hut in the very place where she lost her husband and waited for him. After some days one early morning, she found some mud stains in her room. She called the servants and asked them who had walked inside with mud on their feet. Everyone told that no one had done so and they cleaned up the place. This started happening every day. None of the servants or guards could find out the reason. The princess decided to find that out by herself. To prevent herself from falling asleep she cut her finger a little so that the pain would prevent her from falling asleep. She waited and as dawn was breaking she found a snake slithering into her room and climbing her bed towards her. The moment she opened her eyes and touched the snake it changed into her charming prince and the prince got released from his curse. They returned back to the palace and lived happily ever after.

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