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23 June 2018

The grace of lord Shiva 1

The grace of lord Shiva 1

Siva is love.god is love.siva is supreme.god is supreme.siva is the source of all.god is the source of all.siva is ever auspicious.god is ever auspicious.Siva protects.god protects.siva is the saviour.god is the saviour.Siva saves all/god saves all.even the king of heaven, the great Indra is saved by lord shiva.

Heaven is a place of pleasure.its inhabitants do not die.they do not fall sick.nor do they age.however,they are not free from psychic disturbances such as lust,greed,conceit,possessiveness,infatuation and envy,therefore,they are subjected to anger and sorrow:adn fear and frustration.even Indra, the emperor of the heavenly denizens,is not an exception.he,too,has to be careful in maintaining the purity of mind.he has to be modest and self-controlled lest he should fall or fail.

Once, in heaven, in the king’s magnificent hall of merriment,Indra was seated in an exalted throne witnessing an angelic dance performed by the damsels of enchanting beauty. All the devas were also enjoying the beautiful performance of the damsel. When they were all engrossed in this forgetting their work as god the great Sage Brihaspathi came to heaven to discuss an important matter. But since Indra was enjoying the dancing beauties he failed to notice the sage. Disgusted and furious the sage left the hall unnoticed by any of the devas

Soon it was brought to the notice that the great sage had come and gone in disgust. He felt bad for his activity and not noticing his guru Birhaspathi. But the damage had already been done and his guru had left the place in anger

The noble and the advice of a guru is always needed for good administration. Now that sage Brihaspati was not there Indra was in a fix. He approached Lord Brahma the creator for help. The lord asked Indra to appoint Vishwaroopa the son of Twashta as his guide. He agreed and appointed Vishwaroopa as his guide. But in due course of time, he found out that Vishwaroopa was doing more favour to the asuras. Asuras were the arch rivals of the devas. In a rage Indra beheaded Vishwaroopa. This made Vishwaroopa’s father angry. Indra got scared about the wrath of Twastha. Twastha by his yogic powers created a demon by the name Vritasura who was to kill Indra. Indra now had to hide from Vritasura.

Indra had already committed a sin by killing Vishwaroopa who was a pious and generous character by nature. Now he wanted to commit another sin by killing Vritasura. But Indra wanted to transfer his sin to weaker subjects like water, earth, tree and woman. That’s why earth gets saltiness, trees get mucilage, water gets bubbles and women get menstruation. They wanted something back for the favour they had done. So the Indra granted them boons. So water can spring after being drawn up, Earth will get filled after it’s dug, trees get leaves even after they are mutilated and women live in the comfort of their husbands till they get a child. But the sin Indra had done by disrespecting his guru was still lingering him. Even before he could get relieved from this sin he was planning ti commit another sin by killing Vritasura

Indra was afraid of Vritasura so in an attempt to kill him he threw his discus at him. But Vritasura prevented it with a single weapon. Again Indra approached lord Brahma. Brahma asked him to approach Lord Vishnu who asked him to approach sage Dadhichi. Sage Dadhichi was the person with whom all the devas deposited their weapons and then went to churn the ocean. The sage swallowed all the weapons and continued with his penance. But due to the heat fo his penance, all the weapons got burnt and the weapons got deposited in his backbone. Vishnu asked Indra to use the sages backbone as weapon to kill the asura

Indra approached Dadhichi to part with his spine for a great cause. The great sage thought it as a great sacrifice and parted with his bone. Indra considered this backbone as his Vajrayudha and hailed t at Vritasura and killed him. Now Indra had committed his third crime by killing Vritasura who was a great devotee of god

The sins that Indra committed sat heavily on his head. He had no peace of mind and could not do his duties properly.  But still, he tried his best to put a show of triumph. So he decided to celebrate his victory over his opponents. He went on a procession sitting on the back of his white elephant which was heavily decorated.

Sage Dhurvasa felt sorry for Indra so decided to bless him during that procession. But he did not want to go empty handed so he took with him a garland made of lotus. This garland was presented to him by a celestial dancer who had got it from the great goddess Adhi Parasakthi for performing her dance in front of her. The sage gave the garland to Indra who was sitting on the back of his white elephant. Indra had no regard for the garland he just threw the garland around his elephant’ s neck. This enraged the great Dhurvasa and he cursed Indra. Indra and his elephant turned black and he looked like an asura.

All the devas of heaven felt sorry for Indra so they prayed in unison to their guru Brihaspati. The great and kind sage appeared before them and instructed Indra to go on a pilgrimage and in the end pray to lord Shiva because only the great god can relieve him from his sins

As instructed by his guru Indra went on a pilgrimage in a mortal form in the land of India. He worshipped Shiva in Kasi, Kanchi and Rameswaram. Finally, he reached Kadambavanam present day Madurai. There he found all animals and all creatures living in harmony even the born rivals. Snake and rat. lion and bull. eagle and reptile all were praying to lord shiva together.

Thus Indra felt that Kadambavana was the place to get relieved of his sins. So he stayed there and prayed to lord Shiva. Finally one day he wished to pray to god by offering golden lotuses. God fulfilled his wish by filling the nearby pond with golden lotus. On that day of prayers lord Shiva appeared before Indra and relieved him of his sin and gave him his celestial look and asked him to go bak to his abode. But Indra was reluctant to leave he wanted to stay there and offer prayings to the lord daily. Bu lord Shiva told him to come on a full moon day once a year and offer his praying. So even now it’s believed that Indra comes in the Tamil month of Chithirai on a full moon day and offer hs prayers to the god

Thus are the grace and power of lord Shiva who is the saviour of all creatures of the world. Pray to him and get his blessing to get relieved of all sins committed inadvertently by us








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