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23 June 2018

Sri Vaikunda Perumal Temple Mangadu

Sri Vaikunda Perumal Temple Mangadu

Mangadu is a place in the suburbs of Chennai capital of Tamilnadu in South India. It is well known for the famous Kamakshi Amman temple. Situated here is a temple for Lord Vishnu called the Sri Vaikunda Perumal Temple. People say that those who visit the Kamakshi Amman temple must visit this temple and Valleswarar temple.

History of this temple

The temple cowshed

There is an interesting story behind this temple. Lord Kamakshi is the avatar of Goddess Parvathi and she was to marry Lord Shiva. Since Lord Vishnu is the sister of Goddess Parvathi he came to attend the marriage. There was a delay in the marriage so Lord Vishnu had to stay in this place along with his consorts Seedhevi and Bhoodhevi. In the idol of Lord Vishnu here is a ring in his finger which he had got to present to his sister Goddess Kamakshi. Later here a temple was built by the Pallava kings and maintained by them. Lord holds Chakra (Discuss) Shanku (Conch) in his upper arms. The Discuss and the Conch are carved out in a similar design to the Discuss and Conch in the Valleeswarar Temple, suggesting both the temples have origins around the same time.

Kangavalli Thayar shrine

Architecture of the temple

Lord Perumal shrine gopuram

The main idol her is that of Lord Perumal. He is in sitting posture along with his consort Seedhevi and Bhoodehevi. The idol of Moolavar is made of stone and that of Urchvar is made of brass. Inside the main Prahram is the temple for Ramanujar as well. Sage Markandeya Maharishi is seen in a seated posture meditating before the Lord. Coming out of the main praharam and going right we have the shrine for Chakrathalwar. There is an idol for Ram Seetha and Lakshman and that of Anjaneyar on the left-hand wall of the temple. Then comes the temple for Goddess Kanakavalli thayar and for Goddess Andal. In the front to the right is the temple for God Anjaneyar. Behind the temple is a place for cows where more than 15 cows are maintained.
The temple has four entrance out of which the east entrance has a huge gopuram and the lord sits facing this entrance.

The temple is well maintained fully air conditioned and the gods are well dressed with daily prayers and offerings

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