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Spider – Man


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Spider-Man is a fictional superhero appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics. The character was created by writer-editor Stan Lee and writer-artist Steve Ditko, and first appeared.

Significant others: Mary Jane Watson, Gwen Stacy, Betty Brant

First girlfriend: Gwen Stacy

Creators: Stan Lee, Tom DeFalco, Steve Ditko, Ron Frenz

City: New York City

Fictional universes: Marvel Universe, Earth-616


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Real Name: Peter Parker

Occupation: Freelance photographer, adventurer

Identity: Secret

Legal Status: American citizen with no criminal record

Former Aliases: None

Place of Birth: New York City

Marital Status: Married

Known Relatives: Richard Parker (father, deceased), Mary Parker (mother, deceased), Benjamin Parker (uncle, deceased), May Parker (aunt),Mary Jane Watson-Parker (wife)

Group Affiliation: None

Base of Operations: New York City

First Appearance: AMAZING FANTASY #15


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Peter Parker was an orphaned teenage boy who lived in upstate Queens, New York with his Aunt May and Uncle Ben. He was a shy boy, but highly intelligent and excelled in science. He was often teased by other more popular kids like longtime nemesis Flash Thompson, but his life was soon to change on a visit to the science museum.

At the science museum, Peter was bitten by a radioactive spider. The spider bite gave Peter spider like powers with super strength and reflexes. He also had a, “spider-sense” alerting him to danger. Armed with these new powers, Peter first sought fame and money before fighting crime. He worked with a wrestling circuit and got some fame and appeared on a television show. During a robbery of the television show, Peter has the chance to stop the thief, but chose not to.

Peter later finds out that the same robber that he could have stopped at the television studio attempted to rob his aunt and uncle’s residence, and his Uncle Ben was killed in the struggle. The words of his late uncle, “with great power there must also come great responsibility,” drive Peter to fight crime instead of following fame. Spider-Man was truly born.

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One of the greatest turning points in Peter’s life was his relationship with Gwen Stacy. During his younger years, Gwen was the love of Peter’s life. The blond bombshell a perfect fit for Peter. This relationship had a sad end when during a battle with Norman Osborn, the Green Goblin, Gwen is killed. Peter did everything he could to save her. This event has always haunted Peter and made it difficult for him to trust others with his identity, fearing that they would become targets of his enemies.

Peter eventually got over Gwen and began a relationship with Mary Jane Watson, a high school friend and now model and actress. Their relationship was rocky, with Peter ever fearful that he would put Mary into harms way. Mary Jane finally told Peter that she has known for some time that Peter was Spider-Man, something that helped cement their new relationship.

In the mini-series, Secret Wars, many of the Earth’s heroes and villains are transported to a planet by the omnipotent being, “The Beyonder.” During his time there, Peter gets a new black costume that can alter its shape by the power of thought and has an unlimited supply of webbing. Peter takes the costume back to Earth and continues to fight crime in his new suit. The suit turns out to be an alien symbiont and tries to merge completely with Peter.

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With the help of the Fantastic Four, Peter manages to free himself of the black costume and goes back to wearing his typical red and blue suit. The alien symbiont, however, bonds with fellow journalist and rival Eddie Brock, turning him into the villain Venom. The two have since become major enemies and continue to fight each other.

Peter has since learned that his powers are linked to the totem like power of the Native Americans. In a ferocious battle with a being called Morlun, Peter died, only to be reborn again with stronger spider like abilities. It was also during this battle that his Aunt May discovered that Peter was Spider-Man and is now one of his more vocal supporters.

Lately, Peter has come under the wing of Tony Stark, aka Iron Man. Tony Stark has given him a new costume that further enhances his strength and abilities, such as protecting him from bullets. As part of Tony’s initiative to reign in superheroes with the Superhuman Registration Act, Peter served as the ultimate poster child, announcing his secret identity to the world. An act that may have serious consequences for the superhero in the future.

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It took Peter some time, but he soon came to the realization that he was on the wrong side, and defected to join Captain America’s rogue band of heroes. When the war ended and Iron Man won, Peter went underground and donned his black costume again. He is now on the run from the authorities.


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Spider-Man is the quintessential Marvel character. Although a superhero, he is spared none of the slings and arrows of ordinary life; he experiences difficulties with friends, family, sweethearts and employers. His powers enable him to do good, but not to improve his own lot in life, and it is his simple humanity, rather than his exotic talent, that has won him millions of enthusiastic fans. He is one super-hero who has not lost the common touch, and in fact he is frequently described as “your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man.”

In his 1962 debut, Spider-Man took to fighting crime for a reason commonplace in comc books: he was motivated by the murder of a father figure, his Uncle Ben. Yet Spidey’s driving force is guilt, not revenge; he must live forever with the knowledge that he could have prevented the killing if he had not been so self absorbed. Perhaps he suffers from a classic Oedipus complex; in any case he is certainly neurotic, forever agonizing over the choices that confront him when he attempts to do the right thing. Despite his best efforts, he is viewed with a touch of suspicion by those in authority, and is sometimes considered little more than a criminal himself.

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Although nobody seems to understand him, Spider-Man has the spirit to be a joke as well as a tragic figure. He is quick with a quip, appreciates the irony of his endless predicaments, and relishes the chance to play tricks on people who never suspect that he and Peter Parker are one and the same.

As originally depicted by writer Stan Lee and artist Steve Ditko, Peter Parker was just a bit of a wimp. Bright, imaginative, but nonetheless an alienated adolescent, he might well have been a typical comic book reader. Although he has matured and gained in confidence over the years. Spidey is still all to human. He misses appointments, catches the flu when he needs to fight, forgets to put film in his camera and has trouble paying the rent. In short Spider-Man remains Everyman, “the superhero who could be you.”

Peter Parker – His Life and history

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Peter Parker was only a young boy when his parents died in a plane crash. He immediately moved in with his father’s older brother and wife. Ben and Mary Parker were an elderly couple with no children of their own, and they raised Peter as if he were their son. They rarely spoke about Peter’s real parents, so Peter became convinced that his parents had left him because of something he had done. Afraid of being abandoned, Peter worked hard to win his uncle’s approval – though he didn’t have to worry. Ben and MAry truly loved their nephew and would have done anything to please him.

First Appearance

Image result for spiderman First Appearance

Amazing Spider Man #15 (1964) – Mentioned

Amazing Spider Man #25 (1965) – Appearance/No Face

Amazing Spider Man #42 (1966) – Appearance/Face

What are his super powers? 

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Spider-man has super strength and spider-like abilities. He can easily climb most anything including glass walls or tall buildings. He has “spider-sense” that alerts him to enemies or danger. He also can shoot spider webs from his wrist allowing him to create webs to trap criminals, grab items from a distance, and swing from building to building.

How did Spiderman get his powers? Peter Parker was on a school field trip to a science lab when he was bitten by a radioactive spider. The next day he woke up with spider powers. It took Peter some time to figure out all his powers and what to do with them. First he wanted to get revenge on those who killed his Uncle Ben. Later, he remembers his Uncle’s words “with great power comes great responsibility” and he decides to use his powers for good to protect the people of New York from crime. He also designed the Spider-man costume to protect his identity.


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Norman Osborn is born.



Rajit Ratha is born.


Norman Osborn, age 20, suffers symptoms of an illness called, “retroviral hypodisplaysia”.


Aunt May begins to make meat loaf for Uncle Ben.


Harry Osborn is born


Peter Parker and Gwen Stacy are born.


Curt Connors loses his arm.


Richard Parker and May Parker leave Peter with his aunt and uncle.

Richard Parker and May Parker die in a plane crash.


Harry Osborn and Peter Parker befriend each other.


Harry is shipped off to boarding school at age 11.


Captain George Stacy starts a sting operation to find criminal hideouts.

News is posted online about Dr. Curt Connors.


The trial of Dr. Connors came to an end where he is sent to Rikers.

Who is Spider-man’s alter ego? 

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Teenager Peter Parker is Spider-man’s alter ego. Peter works as an independent photographer for the Daily Bugle newspaper trying to help his Aunt May pay the bills. His boss at the newspaper, J. Jonah Jameson, does not like Spider-man and is out to discover his identity. Peter Parker falls in love with Mary Jane Watson.

Who are Spider-man’s enemies? 

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Spider-man has had a number of enemies he must defeat over the years. Like Spider-man, most of his enemies gain powers as the result of scientific accidents or experiments gone wrong. Some of his most notorious enemies include the Green Goblin, Dr. Octopus, the Chameleon, Kingpin, the Sandman, Venom, and the Scorpion.

Spider – Man Powers

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The radioactive spider that bit Peter transferred its characteristics into his ‘puny’ DNA. Among these was the proportionate strength of a common house spider. His enormous spider-strength allows him to lift or press 10 tons or more (if he’s under stress), and perform all kinds of life-saving feats. His strength also helps him crash into Four Freedoms Plaza whenever he feels like it.

Spidey’s might makes him deadly in hand-to-hand combat, which is his main form of direct attack. He uses strength with his spider-sense and speed in combat, making him extremely hard to surprise, harder to hit, and even harder to withstand. Spidey can go toe-to-toe with a lot of villains in the Marvel universe, and has even held his own against the Hulk from time to time.The greatest advantage of this is…we get to watch him beat the bad guys silly!

His incredible physical power gives him great endurance, and also helps him take lots of damage. This, coupled with the Parker determination, makes him virtually unstoppable!


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As well as gaining the strength of a spider, Peter also inherited the arachnid’s swift speed. He can move and react several times faster than an ordinary human. His relfexes allow him to dodge a bullet and coupled with his uncanny spider-sense, gives him a definite advantage in dangerous situations. Very rarely is Spider-Man surprised or unaware in a fight, now matter how sneaky or devious the villan is.


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Spider-Man’s most helpful ability in his crusade against evil is the Spider’s natural ability to walk on walls and ceilings. When Peter was leaving the laboratory experiment where he was bitten, he walked in the path of a car. Out of fear, he leapt into the air and attached himself against the wall of a building. Spider-Man is at home on the sides of skyscrapers in New York, and this unique power lets him crawl pretty much anywhere he wants.

His spider-grip lets him get into all kinds of places, like air vents and elevator shafts. He often uses his “grip” to hide in corners and on ceilings, dropping in at the most opportune time. His ability to adhere to surfaces helps him avoid deadly falls as well. Spidey can attach himself to basically anything, including moving objects like trucks and the bottoms of bat-gliders. He can also use this power to hold objects and things.


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Web Shooters

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These web shooters were originally designed so that Peter Parker could use self-defense to take down the bad guy. In some issues, it would take an ordinary man much more pressure to depress the levers on the shooters to activate the web. The shooters are used for more than just webbing:


Stinging darts

Impact webbing

Radio frequencies


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Spider-Man created a way to up his game with the bad guys by using webs. Later in the comics, Peter Parker developed a way for the webs to be organic.

Quick travel

Tie-up enemies

Catch falling victims

Utility Belt

Holds extra web cartridges

Holds his camera

Holds the spider-signal light


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Created with Dr. Octavius, these Spider-Bots can do a number of great things:

Create force fields


Fight larger enemies

Display holograms

Facts About SpiderMan

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    • Spiderman was created by Stan Lee and Steve Ditko and debuted in Amazing Fantasy #15 in August of 1962.
    • Martin Goodman, then head of Marvel, actually disproved of Spider-man’s concept due to the fact that people hates spiders
    • Stan Lee actually originally was going to go with a fly or insect before finally picking a spider to base the character on.
    • Spider-man wasn’t Marvel’s first spider.  A month before Spider-man’s first appearance, Journey into Mystery had a story involving a giant spider that was killed by the end of the story.
    • Spider-man is the first teenage superhero to not be a sidekick of an adult hero.
    • Spider-man’s quips that he makes in battle is used for him to distract his villains as well as make it easier for him to relax and not get scared.
    • Stan Lee specifically placed a hyphen in Spider-man’s name to prevent “Spiderman” and “Superman” to be mixed up as Superman was rather popular at the time.
    • Spider-man’s first solo title The Amazing Spider-man (Vol. 1) first appeared on shelves in March of 1963.
    • Volume 1 of The Amazing Spider-man ended December, 2012, on the 700th issue.
    • Spider-man’s webs dissolves after 1 hour and is strong enough to restrain the Hulk
    • Spider-man’s reflexes are so fast that he once webbed up a gun and blocked a bullet after the trigger was pulled but before the bullet was shot (so is his webs faster than a bullet?)
    • Spider-man can actually use both his spider-sense and reflexes to dodge automatic fire.
    • Spider-man is weak to the pesticide methyl chloride.
    • Spider-man can bench press 10 tons and has a top speed of 200 mph.
    • Peter Parker has an IQ of 250
    • Spider-man’s first love interest wasn’t actually Mary Jane nor Gwen Stacy but the Daily Planet secretary Betty Brant
    • In the comics, Peter actually didn’t meet Mary Jane nor Gwen Stacy until college!  The original love triangle was between Peter Parker, Betty Brant, and fellow classmate Liz Allen.
    • Gwen Stacy’s death marks the end of the Silver Age of Comics.
    • Speaking of Civil War, it has been confirmed that Tom Holland will play Spider-man in the MCU and has more than just a cameo in the movie.
    • The first Spider-man movie in the MCU has been confirmed to NOT be an origin story.
    • In Sam Raimi’s  Spider-man movies, Spider-man possessed organic web shooters rather than mechanical ones.
    • Due to Sam Raimi’s films, Spider-man temporarily had organic web shooters in the comics until it was retconned by One More Day
    • Toby Maguire, who played Spider-man in Sam Raimi’s Spider-man trilogy, insisted on a suit that would allow him to use the restroom without taking it off and going through the long refitting process.
    • Speaking of interesting movie changes, Andrew Garfield, who played Spider-man in The Amazing Spider-man series, suggested for a pansexual Spider-man at one point to be featured in a live-action film I don’t know, I feel like a pansexual Spider-man just doesn’t fit the character.  Besides, we already have a Pansexual Spider-man in the form of Deadpool!.
    • There has been a total of 8 Spider-man cartoons: Spider-man in 1967, Spider-man in 1981, Spider-man and His Amazing Friends in 1981, Spider-man: The Animated Series in 1994, Spider-man Unlimited in 1999, Spider-man: The New Animated Series in 2003, The Spectacular Spider-man in 2008, and the current show Ultimate Spider-man that started in 2012.
    • The Animated Series actually received heavy censorship from Fox and thus there has only been three punches thrown within the entire season.  In addition, references to killing was not allowed so villains would often say “destroy” instead of “kill” and characters would be sent to alternate dimensions instead of dying.
    • The Animated Series, Hobgoblin appeared before the Green Goblin as apposed to the comic books where the Green Goblin appeared first.  This is because one of the creators was more interested in created toys from the series than the series itself and ended up created Hobgoblin action figures first.  As a result, they had to do Hobgoblin first.
    • Spider-man: The Animated Series shares the same universe with X-Men: The Animated Series on Earth – 92131
    • The animated series was originally going to feature CGI in the opening, which was new at the time, but was scrapped due to lack of resources.  However we eventually received a fully CGI Spider-man cartoon with Spider-man: The New Animated Series
    • If The Spectacular Spider-man got a third season, Hobgoblin and Scorpion would’ve made an appearance.
    • Spider-man is President Barack Obama’s favorite superhero.
    • Spider-man is ranked #3 on IGN’s top 100 superheroes, right behind Batman at #2 and Superman at #1.

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