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24 May 2018
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Small Flowers Collection

Small Flowers Collection

Scientists say there are over 270,000 species of flowers that have been documented and are living in the 21st Century. But scientists have yet to answer basic questions about these marvels of beauty… What led to their amazing diversity? Are there flowers that have not changed much during the evolution of this planet?

The first plant fossils found were woody magnolia-like plants dating back 93 million years. Paleobotanists have more recently uncovered tiny herb-like flower fossils dating back 120 million years. Flowering plants, called angiosperms by scientists, were believed to be already diverse and found in most locations by the middle of the Cretaceous period… 146 million years ago. A myriad of images of preserved flowers and flower parts [in very fine detail] have been found in fossils located in Sweden, Portugal, England, and along the Eastern and Gulf coasts of the United States. Below are a few brief histories of some of today’s best loved flowers.

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African violets need about 10-12 hours of bright light a day to develop their signature bloom. This should not be direct sunlight; however, as too much light will cause the violet to shed its bloom early. Not every flower is alike, and it is important to note the quality and duration of the bloom as you determine the correct duration and intensity of the light. What makes African violets such good plants to grow indoors is that they grow best in artificial light. Keeping them near windows will produce asymmetrical plants, while growing them under artificial light will produce both the right intensity and since the duration of light is determined by the flipping of a switch, duration.

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Concerning watering, the rules for most flowers apply. Do not over water. Ensure the right frequency of watering by, when you`re wondering if the plant should be watered, sticking your finger in the soil. If the water is damp and clings to your finger, the plant should not be watered. If it does not stick, water the plant with room temperature water from the bottom.




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