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Akbar and Mariam Zamani gave birth to the 4th Mughal emperor Jahangir.Mariam Zamani was the mother of only Jahangir.The other kids of Akbar were born through other wives and concubines of Akbar.

Jahangir(only son of MUZ)
Jahangir(only son of MUZ)


Khanam,Murad and Daniyal were born through a royal concubine.The last two daughters were born through  Beiby Daulat begum.




After the FAKE JODHA AKBAR LOVE STORY, the fans getting mesmerized by the love story  started revealing their wishes that it would be nice if all the kids of Akbar were born through Mariam Zamani.

So blogs were created mainly for commercial needs and also may be for fun to satisfy the fans.Articles were written that most of the kids were born through Mariam zamani.

Mariam Zamani
Mariam Zamani

They started interpreting lines from Akbarnama and Munkhatab ut Tawarikh as they like and started writing most of the kid were born through Mariam Zamani.There is not even one line in any historical books of entire Mughal era that Mariam Zamani gave birth to other kids of Akbar except Jahangir.

One more thing in order to distort history they claimed they went to certain places and collected evidences.But not even one evidence or proof is quoted.They were using words like sure fact, sources said, just to satisfy the fans and to meet their needs.Fake books were scanned and given in the  articles just to prove what they had written is authentic.Jodha Akbar fans just to quench their  dreams started accepting the fake articles.One could personally read those article and analyze and understand the unauthenticity of those article.Regarding the kids they were not able to say that Khanam was born to MUZ, because she was born in 3 months after Jahangir’s birth.All the other kid’s parentage is manipulated by fans and blog people.They were debating about the authenticity of Jahangirnama,which was a historical book at the same time shamelessly were quoting pieces of evidence from that fake books which were full of bazaar gossip.


Thier birth was provided in both Akbarnama and David price version of Jahangirnama.In Akbarnama the name of the mother was not mentioned, In Jahangirnama the name was given as  Beiby Araumbuksh.No historical book of the entire Mughal era says they were born through Mariam Zamani.

There is a book for tourist on Agra,which had been written in 1892.In that book in the preface it had been clearly mentioned that the book in not intended for history,it is just a guide for tourist to Agra.The book is full of bazaar gossip and folk tales to make the tourist excited.The details about the historical places are quite accurate but not the history behind it.The book was meant only to give details about the places a tourist is going to visit and not about Mughal history.Only in that  a book a folk story has been given that twin children were born to Mariam Zamani.This is not a historical evidence.Please click this link(A handbook to Agra and the Taj, Sikandra, Fatehpur-Sikri and the neighbourhood see preface and page 108) to read the book and know the truth.How could one take this as a evidence.

One more thing if this book is to be taken as an evidence then we could also go through one more book –Full text of “The Empire Of The Great Mogol” page no 147 where it is given Salim’s mother to be a concubine.It is a latin book written by Joannes De laet a Geographer in the year 1631. Historian Vincent has an opinion that Delaet has copied it from certain reliable Persian chronicle, but certain historian doubt the authenticity of the book.So this book which had been written during Jahangir’s reign itself has been discarded as a bazaar gossip, then how can we accept the book ‘Handbook to Agra’ which was full of folk tales.

This can be also compared with Anarkali story which is a fake story.Atleast regarding Anarkali there is a historical evidence from a historical book written during Jahangir period by a traveller,(Early travels in India, 1583-1619 page no 166 330- read this book)that she was Daniyal’s motherBut Mariam zamani giving birth to the twins is not given in any historical books.Rumor spreaders write as if they are AbulFazl’s friend.


Daniyal’s mother’s death had been described in Akbarnama,which proves Mariam Zamani was not the mother of prince Daniyal .

The following paragraph is from Akbarnama,a concrete evidence MUZ was not Daniyal’s mother:

“On the 15th Qāẓī Nūr Ullah was sent to make inquiries into the tenures (sayūrghāl)* of the province of Agra, and an order was given that new land should be given to the necessitous. On the 26th H.M. mounted on horseback and gathered delight in Bāgh Dilāwez. He spent the night with pleasure in the Deer-house. At the end of that day the great lady of the family of chastity, the mother of Prince Sulṭān Daniel, died. Next day an old servant of the harem of fortune died. H.M. after making his supplications to God adopted resignation and begged forgiveness for them. On the 28th he returned to his palace. On this day the wife of the Prince Royal, who was the daughter of the ruler of Khāndes, died.”

Ref Akbarnama:  Volume III.Chapter:CXXVIII.Page no 1063.

There are certain books written by novelist in the late 19 century, who without reading the full Akbarnama had written as if Daniyal was born to RajaBharmals daughterThis was only based on the fact that Daniyal was send to Amber after his birth.I had given a good explanation in my article why Daniyal was send to Amber.One should believe only Akbarnama which was written by Abul Fazl the court historian of Akbar and not folk tales written in the 19th century after the Mughal era.Pages are scanned from these novels and given in certain articles to confuse people about Daniyal’s parentage.

Scanning of pages from fake books and releasing it in the net misguide people

There are certain articles in the net where they scan pages from fake books and release it,The identity of the book is not given.This was just to confuse people.I had seen them quoting also evidences from novels written in 2013.

I saw certain article  on the net where few lines of a page were scanned and put.In the scanned lines it was written  Daniyals mother was Raja Bharmals daughter.I dont know what information the article was giving us through these lines.May be it was debating about the identity of Mariam Zamani.Is the article trying to say Mariam Zamani was not Rajabharmals daughter,for there is a clear documentation in AKBARNAMA THE MOST TRUSTWORTHY SOURCE OF AKBAR’S REIGN that Daniyal’s mother died in 1596 and in JAHANGIRNAMA it is documented Mariam Zamani died in 1623.So does these lines say that Rajabharamls daughter died in 1596.This proves the unauthenticty of the books from which these lines are scanned.

Again Scanning pages from books written in the 19th century and giving as evidences  is not true history, just an interesting folk tale .When one reads an article please see from which source the evidence is given and whether it is a historical book or modern historical novel or some book written as a guide to a place.When one goes and visit some historical place the local guide of that place usually  narrates us some story which will be 50 percent history,50 percent Bazaar gossip.They do this to make the tourist excited.The same thing is followed in these handbook to Agra which is not a historical book.

Moreover there are certain articles where scanned pages are given from both Akbarnama and certain historical novels of 19th century,one after the other, as an evidence  to confuse the public.The pages scanned from Akbarnama has no documentation that all the kids were born to Mariam except Jahangir.So it is better one read historical books rather than believing scanned pages.No historical books of Akbar’s reign  documents that Akbar’s children except Jahangir were born through Mariam Zamani.


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In the book Emperor’s writing  it was given that Salima Sultana begum,Bairam Khan’s widow was Akbar’s favorite.This was a beautiful novel and  a very interesting book to read but not historical evidence.This can’t be given as an evidence and one can’t compare Salima with Nurjahan.This is what is followed when evidences are taken from modern historical novels or handbook to Agra.


I had written this article with the good aim that history should not be distorted for the sake of a fake love story and to meet certain people’s commercial needs.


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