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Red Coral Precious Stone

Red Coral

Red Coral

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Coral is organic, formed by living organisms. It forms from branching, antler-like structures created from coral polyps in tropical and subtropical ocean waters. When the coral polyps die, the hardened skeleton remains, and this material is what is used as a gemstone. Most coral is white, but nature can create coral in several other colors, including the popular orange to red forms. This Red Coral, or Precious Coral as it is often known by, is the most used gemstone form of Coral. In fact, the color known as coral is derived from the typical pinkish-orange color of many red Coral gemstones.

What is Red Coral

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Coral is a gemstone which is ruled by Mars. It comes in many colors. It is also an organic gemstone like Pearl. That is why the chemical structure of Pearl and Coral is very similar. The main composition of Red Coral is Calcium Carbonate. It is also found in the sea. Tiny living beings called Polyps keeps on secreting a substance which grows in trees and branches like formation. This is called Coral. Coral comes in many colors like brown, black, white, red, blue etc. Red colored Corals are most popular. Red Coral has been very popular since the ancient world in many cultures to protect from evil eye and the like.

History of Red Coral

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Precious coral is a gemstone quality variety of natural coral, closely related to reef-building ‘stony’ coral. Precious coral is a deep water coral that forms in rocky seabeds with low levels of sedimentation, typically in dark environments of over 500 feet deep, including caverns and crevices. Precious coral is slowly built by very small marine animals known as coral polyps. These tiny, soft-bodied creatures form with minute, hard shells that accumulate as the colony grows. Over time, the colony begins to form complex branches and skeletal structures composed of hardened calcium carbonate, and colored by carotenoid pigments. These biological formations grow very slowly, often as little as just 1 millimeter per year, ranging in size from small, hand-sized structures to enormous coral reefs.

Most coral gemstones available today are varieties of Corallium rubrum, a very specific pink to red colored species of the coral genus. In the trade, Corallium rubrum is sometimes referred to as ‘noble coral’ and is considered to be the most desirable type of coral for jewelry. Noble coral also includes the popular ‘angel skin coral’, a pink to salmon colored coral. Corallium rubrum, along with fossil coral, agatized coral, coral sand and coral fragments are not regulated or protected from international trade, meaning that they can be imported and exported to most countries without permits. However, coral of Hawaiian origin is protected under the Lacey Act and cannot be harvested and exported from the USA. Other types of regulated coral include Corallium japonica, Corallium elation, Corallium second and Antipathes grades. Although these may require permits for international trade, they can usually be traded domestically.

Coral Properties 

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Mohs Scale Hardness: 4 (on a scale of 1 to 10)

Other Names: Moonga (Indian Name), Arciscuro, Rosso Scuro, Rosso, Munga, Bhauma-rate, Gem of Mars, Vidruma, Abdhijantu, Being of the ocean.

Birthstone: Hindu Birthstone for October

Sun Sign (Star Sign): Taurus / Scorpio

Chemical Formula: CaCO3, Calcium carbonate – organic
Crystal Structure: (Trigonal) microcrystalline
Color: Red, pink, white, black, blue
Hardness: 3 to 4 on the Mohs scale
Refractive Index: White and red: 1.486 to 1.658
Density: White and red: 2.60 to 2.70
Cleavage: None
Transparency: Translucent to opaque
Double Refraction or Birefringence: White and red: -0.160 to -0.0172
Luster: Unworked dull, polished vitreous
Fluorescence: Weak; violet


Black Coral  –   Marine coral species of the antipathic family with a black color.

Precious Coral  –  Also known as Red Coral, describes the marine coral species corallum rubrum (or several related species of marine coral). Precious coral has a natural pink to red color and is the most desirable jewelry form of Coral.

Red Coral  –   Marine coral species corallium rubrum (or several related species) with a naturally colored light pink to deep red color.

Who Can  Wear Red Coral Gemstone

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Red coral or manga gemstone is precious gemstone which can be worn by ascendant of each sign to obtain the benefits of this stone. But only after consulting an astrologer. Besides this, a person who is either suffering from Mangal Dosh or Dasha must wear this stone. Even a person in whose horoscope mars is placed in the benefit position can also wear this stone to ensure benefits. A person who is suffering from blood diseases or mind problems can wear this stone to cure these serious diseases.

Origin of Red Coral Gemstone

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The famous red coral gemstone is captured from almost all parts of the world. However, there are few countries which are thoroughly famous for gathering gemstones.

Sri Lanka: Sri Lankan red color gemstone possess excellent gleam and looks very impressive. This stone is found basically in the water lagoons near the oceans by divers or from the protected part of the ocean. The Sri Lankan red coral is very famous due to scintillating color and price.

Except this, red coral stone also found in another part of the world like from the countries such America, Burma, India, Pakistan, Brazil, and Afghanistan.

Coral Color

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Precious coral typically exhibits a range of warm pinkish to red colors, including light-red to salmon (momo coral), and medium-red (Sardegna coral) to deep ox-blood red (more coral); color is known to fade when worn. Noble coral has the most desirable uniform color, but can often exhibit streaks or spots of white to pinkish red, especially angel skin coral. Precious coral can also be found in other colors such as gold, white, black and blue. Gold colored coral from Hawaii is extremely rare and highly desired for its slight chatoyancy. Black and blue coral is not often used for gems or jewelry as its trade are heavily regulated.

Astrological Aspect of Red Coral Stone

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The red coral stone is attached with potential planet mars as per Hindu mythology. The mars which are termed as the commander in chief and known to possess the ability to derive ample amount of betterment in the lives of its wearer.

The mars signify courage, vigour, zeal, sex, health and passion in the life of its wearer. It is being said that wearing coral stone after seeking permission from an astrologer can fetch out amusing benefits for its wearer. Let’s find out some of the top benefits of wearing red coral stone.

  • Red coral stone is known to get rid-off a person from diseases such as piles, ulcer, and brain related diseases.
  • Red coral gemstone has got the ability to enhance the physical strength and aid in empowering the bones.
  • The coral stone being the carrier of mars celestial power turns out to be benevolent especially for children’s and kids.
  • It can heal or cure snake or Scorpio bite.
  • The coral gemstone bestows courage and fortitude to a person which helps him/her to face tough time efficiently.
  • The white coral or red coral gemstone also enhances the self-confidence and determination among all those people who adopt it.
  • The coral gemstones reduce the chances of abortion, piles, reduces fever, smallpox.

Coral Cut and Shape

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Precious coral is most often cut en cabochon due to its softness and opacity. It is popularly used for beads, ornamental carvings, and sculptures. Cabochons can be found in just about any shape, but ovals, rounds, and free-form shapes are most popular.

Coral Treatment

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Natural coral is typically untreated, but some materials may be dyed to achieve a more valuable color. There are a variety of other materials used to imitate coral, such as glass, bone, conch shell and plastic.

Health Benefits Associated with Red Coral

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It is believed that red coral changes color if the wearer is about to suffer from bad health. Wearing it can help to detect illness early before it sets in.

Red coral is believed to transmit the cosmic color yellow, which is related to blood, bone marrow, lymph nodes, and the head. Wearing red coral may provide relief and protection from diseases in those parts of the body. Red coral is also associated with the genitals. Worn after three months of pregnancy, it may help prevent miscarriages.

Red coral works with the immune system to cure the following ailments:

  • blood diseases, such as anemia
  • weakness
  • typhoid
  • allergies
  • cough
  • bronchitis
  • pneumonia
  • wounds
  • measles
  • piles
  • chickenpox
  • problems with bile
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In combination with other gems, red coral can help to cure cancer, anemia, kidney ailments, nerve disorders, gallstones, diabetes, asthma, hernia, appendicitis, meningitis, gouts, carbuncle, paralysis, rickets, boils and wounds, menstrual disorder, and painful childbirth. Children who suffer from malnutrition and slow development may find relief while wearing this gemstone.Lucky Gem Red Coral

Red Coral Gemstone is considered and lucky gem for all people those who are born under number 9th. Mars rules this number. People born on 9th, 18th, and 27th of any month are governed by this number Red Coral Gemstone is one of the five sacred powerful stones of the Tibetans and the American Indians.

The red coral gemstone is also recommended for 35th wedding anniversaries.

Information about Red Coral

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Indian name – The Indian name for Red Coral is Moonga.

Sources – Red Corals are mostly found in Australia, Japan, Malaysia, West Indies and Africa.

Suitable for zodiac signs: Red corals are most suitable for zodiac signs – Aries and Scorpio.

Astrological Remedy for – Red Coral is an astrological remedy to strengthen Planet Mars.

Lucky stone – Red Coral is the lucky stone for people born under number 9.

Days to Wear – Tuesday is the best days to wear Red Coral gemstone.

Method of wearing Red coral

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The weight of the Red coral gemstone used may be at least six, seven, eight, nine, ten and more karats for a ring or in a pendant. Red coral gemstone may be set in gold or silver ring or pendant. The ring should be worn first on a Tuesday, an hour after sunrise, when the moon is waxing in the lunar month. A coral ring may be worn on the ring finger or the index finger of the right-hand side.

Coral Care and Cleaning

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How to clean your gemstonesPrecious coral is not very durable compared to most of the other gemstones used today for jewelry and therefore requires a bit more care and maintenance than most other jewelry gemstones. Coral is very sensitive to acid and heat. The color is also known to fade with wear and tear. To reduce color loss, avoid exposing your gem to direct sunlight for prolonged periods of time and avoid any extreme temperature fluctuations. Do not clean your coral with any harsh household cleaners, such as bleach or acid, and avoid spraying perfumes or hairspray while wearing your coral gems or jewelry.

You can wipe down precious coral using a soft cloth and a mild soap or detergent if needed. Be sure to rinse well using warm to room-temperature water to remove soapy residue. Because precious coral is much softer than quartz, simply wiping dust off can eventually lead to reduced polish. To prevent scratches avoid wearing other gems in close contact with your coral jewelry. Always remove jewelry before exercising, playing sports or performing any household chores. When storing your coral gemstones, wrap them individually using a soft cloth and store them away from other gems. If possible, place them inside a fabric-lined jewelry box for extra protection.

Facts about Red Coral

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  • Red coral or moonga gemstone is a natural occurring gemstone which is being produced inside the sea on living plant leaves which is called reefs. These leaves are composed of calcium carbonate, since wearing red coral stone emphasizes the physical strength of a person.
  • Since red coral stone is being produced in sea plants. Unfortunately due to increasing pollution, global warming; the reefs of red coral are dying off. Thus in order to protect the plants of coral; the government especially of Australia has specified an area where reefs of coral planets are rehabilitated. However, they are felt a drop in the amount of production of coral beads in recent times.
  • Coral stone is fragile and easily breakable; it is surprising that on moh scale the hardness of this stone is measured to be 3.5 which is quite a low number. Thus, it is suggested to take a special care of this gemstone.
  • The coral gemstones color characteristics varies greatly. The color may range from red, blue, gold, pink, and white to dark red.
  • The best quality natural coral stone are found in japan and Italy. The trees of coral are found in large numbers in the seas of the Japan and Italy.
  • According to astrology, the coral gemstone is associated with the planet mars which is contemplated to be the prince among all other planets. It is being said about the red coral gemstones that wearing this stone averts all the malefic events which is being caused due to malefic mars.
  • It is also said by the astrologers that a person who is under manglik dosh or not getting married should wear red coral gemstones, In order to find relief from mangla dosh.
  • As I already mentioned that red coral stones are fragile and breakable; hence an extra care should be taken while wearing this gemstone. In addition to that at the time of clearing this gemstone only use a sponge; since using anything hard could bring damage to the stone. So always use sponge or cloth while cleaning this stone.
  • The qualities of natural coral stone could be damaged if this stone comes in contact with harmful chemicals such ammonia, nitrogen etc. So it is advisable to wear coral stone after applying makeup or perfumes, because it may damage the coral stone.
  • Always keep coral stone apart from other stone. Apparently from the other stones with moh scale 5.0 or more as they can scratch the coral stone.
  • Mars is acknowledged to be the son of earth. So wearing this gemstone abates the anger and cruelness.

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