Tuesday, 19th June 2018
19 June 2018

portable warm blood perfusion organ transport system.

Now donor heart and other organs are transported from one hospital to another only by the cold storage method. By this method, the heart will be available for transplant only for a period of four hours. But now Transmedic has found a new device in which the heart is kept pumping in the machine just like in a live body. So the heart can be kept alive and is more suitable for transplant for a longer period of time. This also allows the heart to be transported to different countries in a stipulated time by air. The system is called organ transport care and in this, the heart continues to beat, the lung continues to breathe, the kidney continues to excrete and the lung continues to secrete bile. It a real boon to mankind as the organ transplant is one-way fo saving many lives.

Transmedic says cold is old warm is new. They use a method called the warm blood perfusion technology. The heart is kept pumping in a machine by using donor blood. In this way, the organ can be transported for a longer distance and also surgeons can test the organ outside the human body itself.

Called “heart in a box” by developers, the TransMedics’ Organ Care System is a sterile box that houses the donor’s heart and keeps it oxygenated and nourished with continuously circulating blood, fed into the heart through the clamped-on tubing. Thus the donor’s heart keeps pumping while being transported.

The product contains novel technologies that simulate the conditions of the human body and allow the organ to function as it normally does. The system integrates a compact wireless monitor, an organ specific perfusion module, and proprietary solutions for organ maintenance.

Transmedic believe that the OCS potentially offers substantial benefits to patients, physicians and third-party payors, including:

  • Improved patient outcomes;
  • Increased utilization of available organs;
  • Expanded supply of organs; and
  • Reduced total cost of care.

This is truly an amazing finding and with better laws to govern organ transplant this finding will surely save a million life in the future



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