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19 June 2018
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Pedicure at Home – Easy Steps

Pedicure at Home – Easy Steps

Start with a Clean Canvas

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Before you start, make sure your finger and toenails polish free using a non-acetone remover . We love Formula X because it not only removes polish in a snap, but it has a great spill-proof container Next, use clippers and/or a file to gently shape your nails to your desired length and shape. We prefer to use a crystal nail file since it will shape even the most delicate nails and prevent splitting, unlike damaging emery boards. Next, smooth the surface of your nails with a buffing block.The Sephora 4-Step Nail Buffer is a great bang for your buck since it has four sides with varying textures. Follow up with the smooth buffing side for a high shine.

 Soak Your Feet

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  • This is probably the most relaxing bit of the pedicure. Soaking your feet in warm, fragrant water is a great way to relax and unwind after a stressful week. 
  • Fill up some warm water in a tub to cover your ankles.
  • If you want it plain and simple, you can just add shampoo and some rock salt in the soaking liquid. But, if you want to go all the way and give yourself that ultimate pedicure, this is what you should do –
  • Add half a cup of Epsom salt to the water. This will soften and soothe inflammations, reduce any kind of pains, and reduce roughness. It also acts as an exfoliator.
  • Add the juice of an entire lemon, and a drop or two of shampoo as well.
  • You can also add a few drops of essential oil if you have any at home. These usually calm the nerves and give your feet the spa treatment they deserve.
  • To notch up your home pedicure experience, you can also add smooth pebbles. They give your feet a gentle massage.
  • Sit comfortably and soak your feet for a good 15-20 minutes. Don’t forget to put on some soothing music while you do this. It will act as a perfect stress buster.
  • Dry your feet with a towel.

Scrape your Feet

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The next step is exfoliating. Once you are done with the foot bath, dry your feet and rub some cuticle cream on the base of each toenail. Leave it for a few minutes. In the meanwhile, using a foot scrub and remove all the dry and dead skin cells. Be firm but do not scrape too hard. Next, wipe off the cuticle cream and push back the cuticles gently with a cuticle pusher.

Shape the Nails

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The rate of nail growth on the toes tends to be much slower than on the fingers, so depending on your last pedicure, you may only need a little shape-up. “Clip your nails square and slightly file the corners,” says nail technician Kim Treacy. Use a glass file and file nails straight across in one direction. Get under the ‘shoulders’ of the toenail – which are the left and right edges – to ensure a smooth shape. But a word of advice from Treacy: “do not file down the side walls of the nail, as this can cause in-grown toenails.”

Moisturize Your Feet

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Your feet are now fresh and clean, but you need to moisturize them for that ultimate feeling of rejuvenation. Any heavy moisturizer should do. You can massage your feet, ankles, and calf muscles for about 10 minutes.

You can also use a mixture of almond oil and olive oil to massage your feet post the cleaning process. A teaspoon of each mixed with a few drops of your favorite essential oil serves as a great foot massager. Be generous as you apply it, and massage your feet. Regular massages stimulate your nerve endings and enhance blood circulation, therefore nourishing the skin and invigorating the foot muscles.

Polish Away

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Paint on two thin layers of polish, allowing your color to dry completely between each coat. To do it like the professionals  swipe polish down the center of the nail first, then on each side. The key is to make the layers of polish as thin as possible, which will aid in longevity and help the polish dry more quickly.




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