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19 May 2018

Pazhaiyanoor Sundaravaradaraja Perumal Temple

Pazhaiyanoor Sundaravaradaraja Perumal Temple


Traveling from Chennai, Tamilnadu in South India towards Madhuranthagam about 15 km before Mathuranthagam is a left cutting and traveling about 5 km on this road you will come across a village called Pazhaiyanoor. The travel route is really nice with lush green rice fields and fir tree forest with total serenity and peace. The Pazhaiyanoor village still maintains the ancient file with thatched roof huts with cow sheds behind almost most of the houses

Situated in this village is a temple for Lord Vishnu. The presiding deity here is Lord Vishnu in the name of  Sundaravaradaraja Perumal along with his consorts Seedhevi and Bhoodhevi. On entering the temple is the flag post but the post is not there only the basement is there. On going to the left in the path is the entrance to the main praharam for Lord Perumal. Here the Lord is in standing posture and the idol is more than 10 feet height. The idol is made of a herb stone and the shine remains forever. The idol has never been washed with water but they only bathe the idol in oil. It is a 350-year-old temple but the idols look clean and new this is because of the herb stone with which it is made.

Four pillar Mandapam

In front of the main Lord is the small temple for Garudan in praying posture to the god. On coming out of the main praharam and going to your right is the sannadhi for Charathalwar. Then come the temple for goddess Sundaravalli thayar and that of Andal.

In the entrance to your right is a four pillar mandapam. The main gopuram is five tierd and there is a gopuram for the main praharam but the other temple i.e. the temples of Alwar, Thayar, and Andal have no gopuram. It actually looks like an incomplete construction rather than dilapidated one. The pathway around the temple is made of cement and is maintained neat but around the pathway, there is huge vegetative growth but it gives a natural feel and has a beauty on its own.

The Main Praharam Gopuram

The house of the temple priest is within the temple complex itself and the priest has really devoted the Lord and gave us details about the temple to the best of his knowledge.

The specialty of the Lord here is the chakkar in the lord’s hand is not flat in position but the Lord is holding it in a way as if he is going to hurl it on someone so it is called Parayoha chakkar.

Thayar Sannadhi
Andal Sannadhi

Exactly opposite to this temple on the other side of the small road in front of the temple is the temple of Lord Anjaneya. This temple also has no gopuram.

This temple is said to have been built some 350 years ago by the villagers of Pazhaiyanoor for their wellbeing and till date is maintained by the villagers of that village.

Pazhaiyanoor Village

Timings are between 8-10 in the morning and 5-7 in the evening. Don’t forget to visit this temple.

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