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Panaji or Panjim is the capital of the Indian state of Goa and the headquarters of North Goa district. It lies on the banks of the Mandovi River estuary in the Ilhas de Goa sub-district. 

Weather: 79°F (26°C), Wind S at 6 mph (10 km/h), 85% Humidity

Population: 40,017 (2011)

Local time: Monday 9:13 PM

History of Panaji

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During the first forty years of Christianization, the Portuguese set up three main churches in the area covered by the old Taleigao village. In Panjim, a hermitage came up prior to 1541, under invocation of Our Lady of Conception which was built on the slope of the hillock. This hillock was named as the Oiteiro de Conceição. It is surmised that it was uilt by workers from Portugal.

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The Dominicans were in charge of it till the end of the 16th century. In 1600 it was made a parochial church and was rebuilt in 1619. Its majestic double staircase, rising in angled planes from the main church square was built in 1870. In Taleigão the church was constructed by the Dominicans in 1544. At St Inez, there was a hermitage which was built in 1584 by Dom Francisco d’Eça, who after its construction donated it to the religious order of St Augustine in 1601. However a few years later, Dom Francisco d’Eça reconstructed the hermitage which was raised to the category of church by the Archbishop, Dom Frei Aleixo de Menezes in 1606. It was at this stage that the areas of Panjim and St. Inez got detached from Taleigão and formed separate parishes.

New History of Panaji

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New Panaji After the success of operation Vijaya, the Portuguese rule in Panaji and rest of Goa came to end in 1961. From 1961 to 1987, the city remained as a capital of union territory of Goa, Diu and Daman. However, with the announcement of Goa as an independent state, Panaji became its capital city. Today, with its colonial charm and picturesque beauty, the city serves as major tourist hub in the country.

Kings in Panaji

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Reference to the rule of the Kadamba king, Vijayaditya I in Panaji is found in the inscriptions that date back to the 12th century. The city was earlier referred to as the Pahajani Khali. The city derives its present name from Pahajani. Khali referred to the backwaters and creeks which are a predominant features of the region. Along with the other regions of Goa, the city of Panaji was witness to the rule of the Kadambas, Chalukyas and the Satavahanas. The Muslim ruler, Adil Shahis of Bijapur built several palaces in the city of Panaji after establishing his administrative capital at Old Goa.

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In the 16th century, the city of Panaji came under the rule of the Portuguese. The palace of Adil Shahis was turned into the residence of the Portuguese Viceroy. Panaji was renamed Panjim and converted into the capital city of the Portuguese in the year 1843 after the previous capital of Old Goa fell prey to an endemic. The new name referred to the land that never floods.

Best Time To Visit Panaji

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To enjoy your vacation away from the usual crowded beaches of Goa, you must visit Panaji, a wonderful city highly influenced by Portuguese culture. With its great heritage and rich history, the place takes you across a completely new experience. Dotted with number of churches, villas, forts and palaces, a trip to this tiny place promises to be highly exciting.

Goa government gives green signal to Panaji Smart City proposal

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The Goa government has approved the Rs 981.11 crore proposal for Panaji Smart City which would be submitted to the Union Urban Development Ministry today, a senior official said here.  “The proposal has major thrust on eco-mobility, public transport system and improvement of conservation zones,” Goa State Infrastructure Development Corporation’s Managing Director Sanjith Rodrigues told reporters here last evening.  Rodrigues said the government is confident to get Panaji in the list of first 19 cities which will receive funds this year. The High Powered Coordination Committee (HPCC) on Smart City headed by Chief Secretary R K Srivastava yesterday granted its final approval to proposal, which will be submitted to the Centre today. Rodrigues said the proposal looks at Rs 304.22 crores share by Central and State government respectively over next five years.

Panaji Economy

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Panaji economy is based on tourism, hospitality or hotel and restaurants and trade and commerce of the city. It is interesting to note that tourism based art and artifacts also contribute towards the economy of Panaji. The administrative activities largely influence the economy of the city.

To begin with, it can be said that trade and commerce forms the economic base of Panaji. The tourism related trade and commerce play a significant role in the role of the city. Hotels, shopping malls and restaurants of Panaji form an integral part of the economy. Moreover, it is noteworthy that Panaji forms the market center of the adjoining towns and cities. Various items pertaining to consumer needs, especially electronic goods and building materials are sold in Panaji.

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Among the important shopping areas in Panaji are MUN Building (near Elorado Theatre), St Inez, New Near Mun Market, Praca de Commercio Building and many other shops. These shopping areas include a number a shops that include gold, cloth, art and artifacts, mutton and liquor shops. The shopping area also includes private offices, theater and book shops.

Furthermore, the city of Panaji does not possess any industrial establishments; yet there are a number industries at a range of 15 kilometers from the city. These industries largely influence the economy of Panaji. Moreover, the Corlim Industrial estate of the important industrial estates in Panaji that form an important part of the economy of Panaji. The industrial estate contains about 58 industrial units that enhances the economic prospects of the city.

How to Reach

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Air : The nearest airport is at Dabolim (50 kms)

Rail : The nearest railway station is at Karmali (17 kms) and Panaji (15kms). Express and Super fast trains run to Panaji from major cities of India.

Road : The Baga beach is just half an hour drive away from Panaji and 15 minutes from Mapusa. There are frequent buses available to Baga from Mapusa and Panaji throughout the day. From Panaji, the bus usually takes 30 minutes to reach Baga. Bicycles and motorcycles can be hired at many places in Baga.

Shopping In Panaji The quaint little town of Panaji is endowed with old colonial charm that reminds the tourists of its rich historical past and heritage. As you trail down the wide alleys of the city, you can see many mansions and red roofed buildings built in typical Latin style.

Place to Visit 

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The Idalcao is also known as the Adilshahi Palace. This place is actually a collection of wonderfully built buildings. The most important landmark of the Panaji City is the Church Square – Largo de Igreja. The Church of Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception is one of the famous churches of the country. The Goa State Museum is an exceptional destination with priceless collection of artifacts, sculptures, paintings.

Goa State museum

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Secretariat Building

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Church of Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception

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Braganza Institute

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Jama Masjid

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Panaji Library

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Sebastian Chapel

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Mahalaxmi Temple

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St. Thome’s quarter

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Church Square

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