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24 May 2018
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palm reading marriage line

Palm reading marriage line

The marriage line is located near the side of the hand, under the little finger. They are horizontal lines that are usually harder to spot than the longer and deeper lines running through the centre of the palm. Marriage line mainly reflects the situation of your marriage life, love relationship, marriage time as well as your attitude towards love. It is also called as relationship line or love line.

People should remember one thing it is not only a single sign in your hand that predicts your fate but there are many things that influence your life like your stars and horoscope so by just reading this one post don’t get upset consult an expert this is just a tip to what you can do.

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The length, shape, forks, islands, chains and numbers of the line reveal different meanings for your marriage life. Follow the analysis below to find out what your marriage line stands for.

Anyone would jump at the chance to know more about themselves, especially when it comes to love. In palm reading or palmistry, the marriage line is one of the trickiest to interpret, and often the most misunderstood. They’re considered minor lines because they’re not that easy to spot.

These days there are many individuals that go about ignoring this line because they feel as if it is not accurate, but traditionally this line often does reveal if the relationship is bound to leave a negative or positive impression on the life of a person.

Now let us see what the line means in marriage

1. Length


Straight long line

A straight long marriage line indicates deep and long love. It shows you are passionate, gentle and usually has a happy family. If you only have one marriage line which is deep and long, close to or touches the Sunline, it shows you could not only enjoy a happy marriage but also achieve great success in career after marriage. A long and straight line shows that the subject’s marriage life will be filled with happiness. Any breaks in this line mean this person will face a separation which will be followed by a happy reunion.


Short line

If your marriage line is short, it indicates passionless to the opposite sex.

2. Curved

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Upper curved line

If the line turns upwards then this means that the crossing leads to the part of the hand between the base of the fourth finger and the heart line. Marriage is an important factor in most people’s life. In that case, many people would want to know what the future holds for their married life.  A person could remain single throughout his lifetime or marry only at old age.

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Lower curved line

If the line curves down it is not a good sign. It is indicative of partners death earlier than you. If it turns down suddenly it indicates that your partner might die suddenly due to accident or such. If the marriage line curves down and touches the heart line it is indicative that it might be a love marriage but it also implies that there can be a break in marriage such as death or divorce

3. Forked

Forked at the beginning

If there is a fork at the beginning of the marriage line it is indicative of difficulty in marriage getting fixed and marriage may be delayed for many reasons and if they get married they might live in separation at the beginning but later they may join with their partner. It also shows that their partner might have some extramarital affair

Forked at the end


This is a definite indication of separation of partner like divorce but if it is a small fork then it shows that the partner will have an extramarital affair

  • if the lower line of the fork touches the heart line – indicative of extramarital affair in blood relation
  • if the lower line of the fork crosses the heart line and the headline – person loses mental balance due to failure in love
  • if the lower line of fork crosses the fate line also – person loses mental balance due to failure in love and may also do suicide
  • if a line from the heart line touches the middle of the fork – the person may get involved with a third person and the latter may be the cause of the former’s death

4. Islands

Islands in the marriage line are indicative of psychological incompatibility and family conflict


  • island at the beginning of the line – marriage life may not be smooth
  • island in the middle of the marriage line – twist and turn in marriage line
  • island at the end of the marriage line – indicates obstacles in marriage
  • many islands – indicate unfavourable love relationship and marriage.

5. Grills

Grills means that there are great ups and downs during your marriage life. You might have much abnormal sexuality. The singles having this kind of marriage line is hard to find a good partner and the married are easy to break up during the middle age.

6. Short lines above and below the marriage line

It is indicative of many quarrels, hard love relationship and a stubborn character of you. You are also easy to get sick.

7. Waved and chained

If your marriage line is waved  or chained, you are easy to encounter villains and suffer emotional or marriage crises. You are usually stubborn, heartless and not nostalgia which cause you to separate even divorce after marriage. It’s hard for you to get great achievement during your life.

8. Number of lines

  • No line – person may not like love life and marriage. You won’t be attractive to the opposite sex.  you will be sexless and won’t like marriage life and you like to concentrate on career. If a person is lesser than 20 sometimes marriage line may not be there but may appear after you meet people of the opposite sex. If you are already married and don’t have a marriage line then you won’t have an interest in your partner
  • one line – If you have only one marriage line which is clear, you could find an ideal love to marry and live a happy life with your partner for the whole life after marriage. If the line is long without any surplus lines, it indicates a sound and lasting marriage.
  • Image result for upper curved marriage line in palm
  • Image result for upper curved marriage line in palm
  • two lines – this means two marriages – if they are two parallel lines of the same length then it is indicative of a tortuous marriage- if one line is smaller than the other then the person may get involved in a love triangle
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  • Three lines – Three lines mean mixed emotions and a weak concept of chastity. You are usually talented, romantic and passionate to the opposite sex. If you couldn’t utilise your wisdom, there would be troubles in love life.
  • four lines – You usually are not satisfied with an uneventful life. So, you are prone to have many love affairs
  • more than this line – is indicative of a very harsh married life







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