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23 May 2018

Pachaivarna perumal temple

Pachaivarna Perumal temple

Nazrethpet is a small village situated on the outskirts of Chennai but part of Chennai in between Poonamalle and Thirumazhisai. Its about 10 km from Poonamallee. Situated in the heart of this place its the famous PACHAIVARNA PERUMAL TEMPLE. The main god of this temple is lord Krishna one of the avatars of lord Vishnu. Here he is in sitting posture with his concerts Bhama on the right and Rukmani on the left. The main statue is made of stone. There is urchavamoorthy which is made of metal. Also is the metal statue of Andal and Ramanujan. There is a temple for goddess lakshmi. She is there in the name of Amirthavalli thayar. There is also a temple for Andal. These two are situated on either side of the main temple.

The entrance of the temple is the gopura with explicit architecture. Idols of various gods with ram, Seetha, and Lakshman in the centre form the beauty of this temple. On entering the temple to the left is the stone pillared mandapam. There are the idols of Ananthan, Garudan, Vishvaksenar, Ramanujar and many alwars and acharyas. On entry first we see is the garpagraha of Shri Ramanujan paduhai

History of Ramanujar Paduhai

Ramanujan Paduhai asthe disciple of the great Ranujar. He was born in this very Nazrethpet. His parents had a dream that lord Ram himself will be born to them and he was born so id the history. They say that Ramanujar paduhai is thus lord Ram himself while Ramanujar is Lakshman in ram avatar and Balaram in Krishna avatar. And Ramanujan padhuhai is also called as Mudaliandan and Daasarathi. He was also the son of Ramanujan’s sister. He was the first and the most sincere among all the students of Ramanujan hence he is called as Mudaliandan. He dies at the age of 105

To the left is the garpagraha of lord Kirshna with his two consorts. Opposite to the main temple is a small mandapam facing the temple. which is the sanctum of Garuda

The temple is maintained neat and clean till date with daily pooja and the gods dressed and decorated wonderfully and its a real feast for our eyes to see these idols

History of the temple

There are two different histories
1. One version is Dharmaraja or Yudhistira in Mahabaratha was performing raja suya yaga. At that time many asuras came and tried to destroy the yaga. So lord Krishna took the form of a green elephant and destroyed the asuras and blessed Yudhistira. All this took place at this place so the lord is still here as pachaivarna Perumal and blessing people is the belief. Pachai means green so come the name for the god because of he came as a green elephant. He also is called as Harithavarna Perumal because haritha means green in sanskrit (pachai = green and varnam = colour so pachai varna means green coloured)
2. The second version is when the great Mahabharata war took place in order to divert the attention of Drona, Bheema told that he killed Drona’s son Ashwathama. But Drona did not believe that and asked Yudhistira because he never tells lies but Yudhistir told that Ashwathama the elephant died but he told elephant is  a low tone which Drona could not hear and kept down his weapon and got killed by Drishtadyuma. But Yudhistir considered that he had done a sin and did a yaga at this place to relieve him of his sin. So lord Krishna came in the form of a green elephant and blessed him. This is yet another history of the temple

Also, there is a tank opposite the temple called as Dharma pushkarini. There are many small pillars and statues outside the temple but all in a dilapidated state but the main shrine is maintained very well by the temple gurus.

Timing of the temple

morning 7-11.30
evening  4.30 – 8.30

Real images of the temple

the gopura of pachaivarna perumal temple
the entrance madapa of pachai varna perumal temple
The explicit idols in the gopura of the temple





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