Tuesday, 24th April 2018
24 April 2018
golden Ball

Oneness Temple

The fact or state of being one in number.

This golden ball is called Param Jyothi.

Amma and Bhagavan are the tenth avatars of Lord Vishnu, called the Kalki avatar.People only who had experienced their miracle could believe it.First of all, you should have the good fate to reach and catch hold of Amma Bhagavan.Kalki Bhagavan had evoked all positive energy into this golden ball.So anybody desires anything to this Param Jyoti,they will immediately get their desires full filled.Many miracles have occurred because of this Param Jyoti which I will narrate in my following articles.

Amma Bhagavan
Amma Bhagavan

The fully divine golden ball is present in Varadhapalayam in Andhra.One could go there, see the golden temple then golden ball and experience its divine power and get their desires fulfilled.



oneness temple
   oneness temple


Both Amma and Bhagavan had evoked full of positive energies to set humankind free.We should  good fate to reach them.

Amma Bhagavan evoking full positive energy.
Amma Bhagavan evoking full positive energy.

The main aim of Amma and Bhagavan:

“To set man totally and unconditionally free.”





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  1. Karcy October 19, 2016 7:08 pm

    Du hast den FLEISCHSALAT angetastet? Ich bin erschüttert. Schön ist auch die andere Varriante beim gemeinsamen Essen: “Ach, du wolltest auch Krabbensalat? Das konnte ich ja nicht wi&ssn!e#8221;

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