Neet Aspirants

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Gold Course

In this course, we give you all the possible MCQs with a check test at the end of each lesson so that you can judge yourselves where you stand on that topic. But it has no negative markings.

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Silver Course

In this course, it is only test series in the format of PG NEET with negative markings. Try it and grade yourselves

Pearl Course

Here it is only fill in the blanks. The fill in the blanks is based on the MCQs you have done in the gold course. It is just to brush up your knowledge and for you to be 100% sure of the answer. Sometimes some question may look meaningless for example nerve not related to humerus the answer you would have read in gold course through MCQ is musculocutaneous nerve but as per logic it can be any nerve in the body but we expect you to give the answer in the related MCQ because we want you to be 100% sure of the answer so a small attempt.