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Prince Daniyal


Mariam Zamani (MUZ) was not the mother of Prince Daniyal:

The first significant evidence is Prince Daniyal mother died in 1596 as documented in Akbarnama while MUZ died in 1623 as in Jahangirnama.


The following paragraph is from Akbarnama,a concrete evidence MUZ was not Daniyal’s mother:

“On the 15th Qāẓī Nūr Ullah was sent to make inquiries into the tenures (sayūrghāl)* of the province of Agra, and an order was given that new land should be given to the necessitous. On the 26th H.M. mounted on horseback and gathered delight in Bāgh Dilāwez. He spent the night with pleasure in the Deer-house. At the end of that day the great lady of the family of chastity, the mother of Prince Sulṭān Daniel, died. Next day an old servant of the harem of fortune died. H.M. after making his supplications to God adopted resignation and begged forgiveness for them. On the 28th he returned to his palace. On this day the wife of the Prince Royal, who was the daughter of the ruler of Khāndes, died.”

Ref:Akbar-nāmah   Volume III .Chapter:CXXVIII.Page no 1063.

                                                 scanned page from Akbarnama.


The Tuzuk-i-Jahangiri;  documents, Prince Daniyal’s mother to be a royal concubine of Emperor Akbar.

This article is regarding the confusion prevailing in the net relating to the parentage of Prince Daniyal’s mom.After the  Jodha Akbar love story, people started developing confusion regarding Akbar’s wives and the mother’s of his children.Akbar had multiple wives, and his children were born through various women.There was always a confusion in the net that Daniyals mother was MUZ.There is no point in discussing it, ones we know the fact that Daniyal’s mother died in 1596.But in spite of it, I would like to clarify the doubts that are in the people’s mind regarding Prince Daniyal and MUZ.


The following three question on  the net confuses people.


Akbar sends Daniyal to Amber.This was said by the rumor spreader as a favourable point for MUZ to be Daniyal’s mother.First,  go through few chapters in Akbarnama.When Akbar was traveling to Gujarat, he took Daniyals mother with him.On the way,Akbar’s concubine couldn’t endure the journey as she was near childbirth. Akbar located the auspicious house of saint Daniyal in Ajmer and left her there and went to Gujarat.Near palodi he got the news that a son was born.He issued an order that after one month when the kid was fit enough to travel, he should be conveyed  to Amber which was  the nearest and also a safe place.The other royal families which had an alliance with Akbar like Bikaner and Jaisalmer  was far away from Ajmer.After 6 months Akbar on his way back to Agra halted in Ajmer.He sent his commanders to pick up his son and  went to Agra with him.At the same time, Raja Bharmals daughter who was in Akbar’s harem during Gujarat conquest was sent from Ajmer to Amber to take part in the condolence of her brother Bupat.This is another evidence MUZ was not Daniyal’s mother.Akbar-nāmah  -vol 111 page no 49) 

In the Memoirs of the Emperor Jahangueir( page no 47) by David price which is said to be the unauthentic version of Jahangir’s autobiography, it is given that” Daniyal was left in Rajabharmals care”, but the period was not mentioned.The details are elaborated in Akbarnama.

So Daniyal was sent to Amber only for 6months.

Akbar when he started from Agra, he did not have any idea in dropping Daniyals mother in Amber, for if he intended he could have dropped her on his way to Ajmer as Amber is before Ajmere.So definitely Akbar had some other idea.Only when he was crossing Ajmer the problem started.Akbar had selected a place near Gujarat,but Abul Fazl had not revealed it.

We can also interpret Akbar sending Daniyal to Amber in a different way.People know Bairam Khan’s rebellion against Akbar.In the middle of the rebellion, one of Bairam Khan’s relative, Husain Quli Beg fell into the hands of Akbar.Akbar always had a good opinion on Husain though he was in Bairam khans side.On his way to Punjab , Akbar made over Husain to Adham khan, because he considered Adham khan to be an arch rivalry of Husain.In this way, Adham was held responsible for Husain.Adham Khan took good care of Husain who in future developed to be a trustworthy commander of Akbar.Similarly, Akbar should have thought Amber being closest to Ajmer could be a threat to his son  Daniyal as he was a contenter to the throne against Salim.Moreover, Raja Bharmals daughter was with him when he went to Gujarat.This was a form of hostage and a checkpoint to Raja Bharmal.So it was better to leave his son under the care of Raja Bharmal.This is only my interpretation.So people can interpret however they like.So stop interpreting history and go according to true historical facts.

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II) Will Abul Fazal describe Daniyal’s mother as a chaste lady if she was a concubine:

Abul Fazal used the same term chaste for a concubine ummed,the mother of Nasir mirza younger brother to Emperor Babar.(Akbar-nāmah  pg221 vol 1)Then why should he not describe Daniyals mother as a chaste lady?First of all, Abul Fazl is a shameless flatterer as said by Beveridge in the preface of Akbarnama.For him, all Akbar’s wives are chaste,gem, pure and noble.How can he put the ladies down when they are the mothers of Akbar’s children.

Two slave girls Gulnar aghacha and Nargul aghacha presented by Sha Tahmasp to Emperor Babar were treated like the other royal ladies in the Mughal household.( Humayun-nama page 122)In fact,concubine Gulnar was sent to Mecca along with Gulbadan by Akbar.Gulbadan begum addresses her with full respect throughout her memoir though she was a concubine of her father.

Humayun’s wife  Mak Chuchak was not a woman of birth,and the title of begum was owne to her having borne a son  Hakim who was treated by Humayun equal to Akbar.Infact there were many junior royal wives than her in Humayun’s harem.In a Mughal household, concubines were given equal status if they gave birth to boys.

When Jahangir married Nurjahan,she was just a lady in waiting for Ruqaiya but after the wedding, all commanders were bowing in front of her.

Abul Fazal’s father had kids born through concubines which were well-taken care by Abul Fazl himself.It was 15th century culture, not 20th century.

III) Will Akbar sent a concubine’s son to Amber:

For Akbar, Daniyal was his precious son.He will not treat him inferiorly for most of his kids were through concubine.It is 15th century and not the 20th century where multiple wives were there and they can have 100 concubines.For Mughal kids born through wives as well as concubine were treated the same way.

Babur’s father treated Babur and his brother Nasir Ahmed who was born through a concubine in the same way.Akbar sent Babar’s concubine Gulnar to Mecca along with Gulbadan with full respect

Jahangir treated his fourth son Sharyar born through a concubine in the same way as his other son.In fact, he was a favourable contender to the throne.

Aurangazeb son Born through his concubine Udhaipuri mahal was treated in the same way as his other sons.

Raja Bharmals family will agree to Akbar’s request.Once it was Raja Bharmals son Bhagavandas who went to Jaisalmer,picked up the princess there, and dropped her in Akbar’s harem for Akbar to marry.This may be abnormal for the 20th-century people,but it was a common culture in the 15thcentury.Such a family will definitely take care of Akbar’s son who was just a kid.(Akbar-nāmah   vol 11 page no 519)


Anarkali and Daniyals mother:

I woukd like to add a note on Anarkali

There are also historical records that Daniyals mother could be the legendary Anarkali.The first historical mention of Anarkali was found in the travelogue of the British tourist and trader William Finch, who came to Lahore during 1608 to 1611.According to Finch’s account, Anarkali was one of the wives of emperor Akbar and mother of his son Daniyal sha.Akbar developed a suspicion that Anarkali had an incestuous relationship with Prince Salim(Jahangir) upon which he entombed her within a wall of his palace where she died.Jahangir as a token of love ordered a magnificent tomb built for her.Edward Terry who visited a year after William Finch writes that Akbar had threatened to disinherit Jahangir, for his liaison with Anarkali, the emperor’s most beloved wife.But on his death bed, Akbar repealed it. “Early travels in India, 1583-1619”  page no 166,330.
But the account of the British traveller is falsified when one comes to know that Daniyal’s mother died in 1596 which does not match the dates inscribed on the sarcophagus that is 1599.
This clearly shows that there had been a bazaar gossip about Anarkali and Salim.The traveller had become confused because Daniyal’s mother had died that time.This shows Daniyal’s mother’s death had been famous among the people of Lahore.

Daniyals mother’s death had been described in Akbarnama,which proves Mariam zamani was not the mother of prince Daniyal .There are certain books written by novelist in the late 19 century, who without reading the full Akbarnama had written as if Daniyal was born to RajaBharmals daughterThis was only based on the fact that Daniyal was send to Amber after his birth.I had given a good explanation in my article why Daniyal was send to Amber.One should believe only Akbarnama which was written by Abul Fazl the court historian of Akbar and not folk tales wrutten in the 19th century after the Mughal era.Pages are scanned from these novels and given in certain articles to confuse people about Daniyals parentage.



Prince Daniyal’s mother died in 1596 as in Akbarnama.Volume 3.Chapter:CXXVIII.Page no1063.
People can go to this page to know the true fact. Since it is a part of a chapter people may not have noticed it. Akbar’s first daughter’s mother’s death is also written as a part of a chapter.Abul Fazl doesn’t mention the death of all the wives of Akbar.He had mentioned the death of these two ladies because they were mothers of Akbar’s children.

The death of Muz was documented to be 1623 in Jahangirnama.The death has been described in just one line by her son Jahangir.

 Moreover, I see in the net people writing comments that the identity is given in Akbarnama and other historical books.I request the public to read the historical books which are available in my article and have their doubts clarified and not believe scanned pages.Certain pages are scanned and given in the net from modern historians novels which is just a bazaar gossip and not historical evidences.
Note: This article is written with a good aim that history should not be distorted .


Disclaimer: This has been written with what was given in books.It is not pointing to any particular person, site or blog.

Real Pen (admin)

Thank you.

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