Sunday, 20th May 2018
20 May 2018
Image result for cleopatra with beard

Magnificent facts 3

Magnificent facts 3

While performing her duty queen Cleopatra used a fake beard

Image result for white pyramid

All pyramids were bright white

Image result for painter pablo

When young and impoverished painter Pablo kept himself warm by burning his own painting

Image result for bubbles in Guinness beers sink

The bubbles in Guinness beers sink to the bottom rather than float to the top like other beers reason not known

Image result for beauty products, toiletries, beauty parlor

American spend more than $5 billion per year on beauty products, toiletries, beauty parlor and barber shop

Image result for tallest woman ever in the world was the China woman Zeng Jinlian

The tallest woman ever in the world was the China woman Zeng Jini Lan. She was 8’12”

Image result for acupuncture

Acupuncture was first used as Medical treatment in 2700 BC by Chinese Emperor Shen Nung

Image result for urban birds and country birds

Urban birds have developed a short fast rap style of singing different from their rural components

Image result for alligators

Alligators can live for more than 100 years

Image result for ferret

The ferret is the third most common mammal which is a good company after the dog and cat

Image result for english soldiers

English soldiers were called Limey because they added lime juice to their diet to prevent scurvy

Image result for man standing upside down

Even if you eat food standing on your head still it will reach your stomach

Image result for Lady Peseshet was the first female physician

Lady Pseseshet was the first female physician

Image result for human head

the average human head measures 3.2 kg

Image result for human lung

The left lung is smaller than the right heart to make place for the heart

Image result for Hubble telescope

The Hubble telescope is so powerful that it is like pointing a beam of light at a dime that is 200 miles away

Image result for candles


96% of candles in the world is used by woman

Image result for rocking in a rocking chair

The world record held for longest hours of rocking in a rocking chair is 480 hours held by Dennis Easterling of Atlanta Georgia

Image result for city las vegas

The city of Las Vegas has the most hotel rooms in the world

Image result for himalayan berry

The Himalayan berry contains more iron than steak, more beta carotene than carrots, more vitamin C than oranges

Image result for electric catfish

In ancient Egypt doctors used jolts from the electric catfish to reduce the pain of arthritis

Image result for american presidents

All American presidents have worn glasses but some of them did not liked to be seen with them in public

Image result for bagpipes

Bagpipes were originally introduced by Romans

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