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19 June 2018

Karalapakkam Perumal temple

Karalapakkam Perumal temple

This temple is situated about 100 km from Chennai the capital of Tamilnadu south India  The Lord here is Perumal.

History of the temple 

This temple was built in memory of Srimatt Azhagiya Shankar acharya who used to dailytravel to ahobila mutt and come back to this place. It was this acharya who had placed the moolavar idol. The acharya was born in the year 1499 and he is believed to have entered a cave to do penance and it is told that he is still alive there doing penance.  In those days this temple was just a hut only 15 years back the temple was completed fully.

Architecture of the temple

The main entrance is yet to be completed it is in the building stage.  The entrance is on the side. The garpagraha has a gopura. Here the moolavar idol and urchavar idols are placed separately.  The moolavar idol is made of stone and the urchavar idols are made of bronze. In the moolavar sannadhi lord, Perumal is along with his consorts Seedhevi and Boodhevi. But just in front of lord Perumal is an idol of lord maha Lakshmi in bronze.
The urchavar idols are on the left side of the main mandapa along with the idol of Andal. In front opposite to the urchavar idols are the idols of the Alwars and the acharya.
On coming out of the garpagraha and going right is the temple for goddess Adilakshmi and going further is the temple for Andal.  In the right corner close to the entrance is the temple for lord Ram.  Here the Lord is found along with his consort goddess Seetha and brother Lakshman, Bharat and Shathruhan. The temple for lord anjaneyar is opposite to lord Ram temple. Anjaneyar is in standing and praying posture facing lord Ram.
The Karudalwar temple is opposite to lord Perumal in praying posture.

Benefits of visiting this temple 

People who visit this temple and pray to God expressing their troubles and worries are relieved of them. Also, people who have difficulty in getting married if they pray here, they get married quickly.
A temple priest is an old man who tells the mantra fully. He is also a renowned astrologer and can predict your future based on your star and with your horoscope
Visit this temple at least once in your life



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