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23 June 2018
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Jorinda and Jorindel

Jorinda and Jorindel

Once upon a time in a castle lived an evil witch. She had the power to change any form of her wish and also could cast a spell on anyone. The castle was in the middle of a forest. In the morning the witch took the form of an owl or fox and roamed about in the forest. In the night she became the wicked old witch woman. Everyone feared to go too close to her castle. Because if it was a man he made them immobile and they could move only if she wishes to release them. If they were girls she turned them into a singing bird and put them in a cage and kept them in her castle. Likewise, she had more than 7000 birds and every day she listened to them sing.
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In a nearby town, there lived a beautiful girl called Jorinda. She was betrothed to a handsome guy Jorindel. Every day in the evening they would roam about in the forest in which the witch lived. But they were very careful not to go anywhere near the witch’s castle. As fate would have one day engrossed in their singing and conversation they strode of close to the castle.
Immediately Jorinda suddenly could not sing and she turned into a singing bird and an owl flew around her three times and entered the bush nearby. Then out from the bush came the wicked old witch and caught the singing bird and put it in a cage and started walking to her castle. Jorindel tried to save his fiance but could not move his even a bit. The wicked witch had cast her spell on him.
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The witch took the cage and put it inside her castle along with the other singing birds and then came out and removed her spell on Jorindel. Jorindel immediately wept and fell on the witch’s feet and asked her to release Jorinda. But the wicked witch warned not to come there anymore and that Jorinda would never come back.

Jorindel then left the place weeping and roamed about aimlessly and reached a village. He stayed in thatand  hevillage but kept coming back to the witch’s forest taking care not to go very near.

One day in his dream he saw a huge red flower with a big pearl in the center. When he went to the witch’s castle with that flower in hand the castle gave way.
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Next day morning when he got up he went to the forest in search of such a flower. After nine days of search he found a red flower with a huge dew drop in the center which was shining like a big pearl.
He took that flower and went into the forest of the witch and lo nothing happened even when he went very close to the castle. He touched the gate of the castle with the flower and the castle opened. He went into the castle and searched for Jorinda. In a room he heard many birds singing. When he reached the room he found the witch with many birds in cages around her. Now he could not find out which was Jorinda.
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But seeing Jorindel inside the castle the witch tried to leave the room through another entrance carrying a cage with a bird in it. Immediately Jorindel ran to the witch and touched the cage and there stood Jorinda. Then he touched the witch with the flower. No sooner had he touched her the witch lost all her powers. Then Jorindel and Jorinda released all the other girls who were turned into birds.
They then went happily to their house got married with pomp and show and lived happily ever after.



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