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Jackie Chan

Jackie Chan 

Jackie Chan Adventures

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First episode date: 9 September 2000

Genres: Animation, Animated cartoon, Comedy, Animated series, more

Networks: Cartoon Network, Disney Channel, The WB, Fox Kids, Kids’ WB

Nominations: Daytime Emmy Award for Outstanding Sound Editing – Special Class

History of Jackie Chan 

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Jackie Chan is now a cartoon character in his very own television series, battling to obtain the 12 magic talismans, each containing its very own power. He and his Uncle get a visit from Jackie’s niece – Jade – and that’s when Jackie finds out about Section 13 and the magic talismans which the Dark Hand are trying to retrieve to free the trapped Dragon, Shendu, from his prison of stone, so he will give them the lost treasure of Shen Che Hun. Jackie Chan defeated the Dark Hand almost every time, so Shendu had to use his own allies The Shadowkhan to help them destroy Jackie Chan.

Image result for jackie chan adventuresAll the talismans that were found were placed in high security in Section 13. While Jackie continued to obtain each and every talisman, the Dark Hand also tried to figure out where Section 13 was located to steal the talismans and continue searching for the remaining stones. Soon, all of the talismans were collected and Shendu was freed from his stone form. Now, he was able to roam the Earth and destroy all of Asia, but Jackie Chan, with Uncle and Jade, stopped him and Jade destroyed him. In the second season, Shendu’s spirit is told by his brothers and sisters that he should’ve released them when he was in the real world and they put a spell on him to possess a person to get the Pan Ku box and remain in that person’s body until all of the 7 demon sorcerers are released he wants to possess Jackie. If he fails, the torment on Shendu will begin. After taking over Valmont’s body mistakenly, he must free the other demons to reign chaos on the planet.

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He then possessed the Pan Ku Box which can release his fellow demons at different rendezvous points and bring chaos upon the Earth and to destroy Jackie Chan. Jackie continues to search for the Pan Ku box and retrieve it before the Dark Hand actually sends a demon he cannot defeat with Uncle, Jade, and Tohru. After this is over, Jackie goes through many different adventures until, towards the end of the season, we are introduced to a Dark Chi Wizard named Daolon Wong. At the end of the season, Daolon Wong takes an interest towards the Talismans, hoping to absorb their powers and make himself invincible. In the third season, just as Jackie is ready to retire from Section 13, Daolon Wong and the Dark Hand break into Section 13, trying to steal the talismans.

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But Jackie blows up the talismans, and Uncle imprisons Daolon Wong’s original Dark Chi Warriors. So they must now save the talisman-powered animals from Daolon Wong and his newly Dark Chi warriorized servants: Finn, Ratso, and Chow with Hak Foo coming later. Even at the time, Daolon Wong resurrected Shendu to get the power of combustion. After Shendu was reverted back to a statue and Daolon Wong who was stripped of most of his magic and the enforcers who have been returned to their true forms have been arrested, the talismans popped out of Shendu during the defeat. In the fourth season, Jackie must stop Tarakudo the Shadowkhan King and the enforcers from collecting the 9 Omni masks which used to be his generals of power that will allow him to control the Shadowkhan. In the fifth season, Jackie must stop Drago from absorbing the chi of his aunts and uncles, the Demon Sorcerers, from the original items that were used by the 8 Immortals to banish them to the Demon Netherworld. Jackie Chan Adventures was nominated for three awards at the Emmy Awards for 2001 and 2002.

Jackie Chan Creator

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A seasoned television executive with 15 years of experience, Hardman has developed and supervised the production of hundreds of hours of children’s television programming as seen on children’s networks Kids WB! and Nickelodeon, among others. He began his career at Klasky Csupo, Inc., working in development and programming for “Rugrats,” “The Wild Thornberrys,” “Rocket Power” and “As Told By Ginger.” Hardman then joined the television development and programming team for Dreamworks SKG to work on the “Toonsylvania” and “Invasion America” series. Most recently, Hardman spent five years at Kids WB!, where he oversaw development and programming on the hit series “Pokemon,” “Yu-Gi Oh!,” “Jackie Chan Adventures,” “X-Men: Evolution,” and many others. He is recognized as an industry expert and has worked as a consultant for studios and networks worldwide.

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“Audience reaction is a consideration, but typically comes after the initial creative work has started.  You must always consider your audience, as they are your ultimate consumer and without their support, your product will not be a success.  The tastes and trends of the audience can help inform the development of your series.  By including those things that resonate most strongly with the audience, you can bolster the appeal and hopefully increase the success of your show.  If you don’t consider your audience at all, then you run the risk of having your project appeal to no one other than yourself.”

Main characters

Jackie Chan

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Jackie Chan is a talented archaeologist and skilled martial artist who lives in San Francisco with his Uncle. His quiet life of exploring ancient temples and dusty tombs is disrupted one day when he is recruited as an agent by Captain Black of Section 13 to stop the Dark Hand from acquiring the 12 Talismans. Shortly afterward, his niece, Jade Chan, comes to stay with him and further complicates matters. Despite his initial reluctance to become involved with the Talisman adventures, Jackie understands the serious threat that his opponents pose to the world and finds himself on the front lines in the battle between good and evil.

Jade Chan

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Jade usually wears pink lipstick, a white long-sleeved shirt covered by an orange sweatshirt, blue jeans and red sneakers without socks. She is three feet tall, which she is constantly teased and underestimated for. Just like all her other relatives other than Uncle, she has short, jet black hair. Her eyes are a brownish color.

In addition to her cuteness and beauty, Jade’s primary talent is her intelligence and cleverness. She often finds simple (or more effective) solutions to problems which thoroughly puzzle the adults around her, and has been able to come up with self-indulgent, logical arguments to overrule her relatives’ objections and join the ongoing action anyway. Jade is also proficient in creating potions and performing chi spells, demonstrating on several occasions that she needs no adult help for powerful chi magic. She has also frequently demonstrated great promise in breaking and entry, and espionage, which is realized by her future self, who has become a Section 13 agent.

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Jade has been trained in the martial arts (which she dubs the “Ancient Art of Butt-Whoop”) by her uncle Jackie, though the training was originally meant for her to exercise more self-control. While Jade’s stature and lack of physical strength often prove to be a disadvantage against adult opponents, she is quite capable of holding her own in a fight. Her preferred form of attack is a flying kick, though its effectiveness tends to vary. She has knocked out fully grown men on several occasions.

Uncle Chan

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Uncle Chan is one of the main characters in Jackie Chan Adventures. He is a skilled Chi Wizard and owns a small antique shop in Chinatown, San Francisco, where much of the show’s events take place. His most memorable quirks are his constant two-fingered slapping of insolent subordinates and his many signature catchphrases. He is referred to as “Uncle” by almost everyone in the series, regardless of their actual relation.


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Tohru is portrayed as a large Japanese man, weighing approximately 480 pounds and standing taller than most of the characters in the series. His main outfit consists of a white T-shirt with brown overalls and brown sandals. He has black hair in a chonmage hairstyle, which is the traditonal hairstyle of samurais and sumo wrestlers.

Tohru’s fighting style is rather unique from the other characters in the series because of his large size and combines the use of trusts and tackles. He is not agile. However, he has demonstrated fast reflexes at certain times, which is evidenced at one point when he blocked a swordfish Jade threw at him by using the Rooster Talisman. He is not afraid to use his weight to his advantage (which is evidenced by the fact that he used it to break open the water tower in order to defeat Valmont/Shendu).

Out of all the members of the J-Team, Tohru possesses the greatest amount of physical strength and endurance. He is able to lift a sumo wrestler who was 1/3rd larger than him completely off the ground, which means that he is able to lift more than 500 pounds. He is also able to withstand devastating attacks that could potentially kill a normal human but he was able to survive these attacks albeit with injuries or being knocked unconscious.

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