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24 April 2018
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What is that Epistaxis?

Bleeding from the nose is termed as Epistaxis. It is common in young people, especially in summer. It is rare in elderly persons. The cause for epistaxis may be an injury.

The inside of the nose is covered with moist, delicate tissue (mucosa) that has a rich supply of blood vessels near the surface. When this tissue is injured, even from a minor nick or scratch, these blood vessels tend to bleed, sometimes heavily. Nosebleeds near the front of the nose, called anterior nosebleeds, are very common since this is the most accessible area to injury. The most frequent location is the nasal septum, the wall between the two sides of the nose. In most cases, this type of nosebleed is not serious. It usually can be stopped with some local pressure and a little patience.

Bleeding usually occurs from only one nostril. If the bleeding is heavy enough, the blood can fill up the affected nostril and overflow into the nasopharynx (the area inside the nose where the two nostrils converge), causing simultaneous bleeding from the other nostril as well. Blood can also drip into the back of the throat or down into the stomach, causing a person to spit up or even vomit blood.


Nosebleeds usually involve one nostril, but occasionally both nostrils are involved. If one nostril becomes partially blocked with a blood clot, the blood might flow out the other nostril or down the back of the throat. In a posterior nosebleed (higher up in the nose), large amounts of blood typically flow down the back of the throat. The amount of bleeding from a nosebleed can vary with posterior bleeds usually bleeding significantly more.


Inhale deeply the juice of flowers of pomegranate.

Let the patient wash his face and head with cold water.

While bleeding does not sneeze or put any strain on the nose.

Juice of Durva grass is beneficial. Put 5 to 10 drops of the juice in each nostril.

If the patient has high B.P allow him to take advice.

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