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24 April 2018
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Home Remedies for – Diseases of the Teeth and Gums

Teeth and Gums

The common diseases of the Teeth and Gums

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Bad breath of Halitosis.


Pyorrhoea or pus in the gums.

Tooth Ache

It is a most common complaint. Usual children of the age of five to ten suffer from a toothache as they are fond of eating chocolates, ice creams, sweets and sugar items.


A toothache may persist whole day and night.

A toothache may be there fir a short period or may occur now and then.

The pain may extend up to ears and head followed by a headache.


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Garlic is supposed to be an effective remedy for a toothache. It is a pain killer.

Prepare a paste from one or two garlic cloves and apply it along with a little bit of salt on the affected tooth.

Mix 5 ml each of clove oil and eucalyptus oil with some menthol and water. Use the mixture for gargling.

Avoid using sugar items, sour food, and ice cream.


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Pyorrhoea is a disease of the gums. The disease leads to loosening of the teeth, pus formation, and shrinkage of the gum. One may loose teeth.

Poor oral hygiene is the main cause of pyorrhoea. One may avoid this disease by proper brushing the teeth daily and be cleaning the mouth after intake of food.


Foul smell in the  mouth

Loss of teeth one by one.

Difficulty in chewing food.

pain and bleeding from the gums.




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Brush teeth regularly.

using prop – root of Banyan tree or twigs of neem for brushing teeth is vert much useful.

Take food rich in vitamin C, Lemon is useful.

Better avoid things which stick to the roots of teeth.

Powder the dry rind of pomegranate. Add pepper and common salt. Its application strengthens the gums, stops bleeding.

Wheat chapatis, spinach juice leaves of lettuce have been found useful in the prevention of pyorrhoea.

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