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Home Remedies for – Asthma



Perhaps there is no country having people without Asthma. It is one of the common health complaints. Usually, asthma starts in childhood. However, it can prevail at any time in life. Asthma is said to be a condition of ill health but not a disease. It is identified by the repeated attacks of wheezing. Here, air cannot move freely in or out of the lungs. In addition to wheezing, there may be corn. Usually, the pulse rate raises. The patient cannot speak due to breathlessness. There will be much difficulty in breathing out. The very meaning of Asthma is short-drawn breath. Bronchial tubes produce more mucous.

Causative Factors

Allergy caused by weather conditions.

Oily foods; allergic reactions by foods like wheat, eggs, milk etc.

Perfumes and other irritants.

Dust especially coal dust, Ash etc.,

Emotion, psychological factors.


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Please note that in severe attacks, the patients should be referred to medical experts. The remedies are given below one only applicable to patients having mild attacks and for prevention.

Honey can be taken in a cup of milk or water. Inhaling the air that comes out of a bottle of honey is a good remedy. Tulsi leaves juice with honey is found beneficial.

One teaspoon of tulsi juice with one teaspoon of honey should be taken thrice a day.

Avoid cold items like ice cream, buttermilk, cool drinks, lemon etc.

Do not sleep during the day.

Take hot water bath only. Also in winter or chilly weather keep the body warm.

Garlic is an effective remedy for asthma. The juice of one clove or garlic mixed with a teaspoon of honey can be taken twice a day. Remove the outer layer of garlic before use.

To prevent the attacks of asthma drink water which has been kept overnight in an a copper vessel.

The following measures are useful

Regular fasting once a week.

Living in a dry climate.

Breathing exercises.

Occasional enema.

Avoid foods which may produce phlegm.

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