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In this article I would discuss about certain couples in the Mughal dynasty and explain whether they had first and last love.


Jahangir was the 4th Mughal emperor.Nurjahan was his 22nd wife.The marriage between Jahangir and Nurjahan was a love marriage.Jahangir was a drunker and a womanizer.He married often for political reason as well as for lust.He discovered true love only after meeting Nurjahan.Jahangir had written in his autobiography that he knew what is love and the meaning of marriage only after marrying Nurjahan.He loved her so much and was also confident about her administrative capability that he handed over the government to her.Nurjahan’s family member’s were in the bad books of Jahangir before the wedding. Infact Jahangir executed one of Nurjahan’s brother for having friendship with his son Khusarao.But once the wedding between Nurjahan and Jahangir took place,her father and brother rose to power.Jahangir loved Nurjahan so much that all her family members were kept in high esteem by him.He respected and treated Nurjahan’s father and mother same as his own.

Nurjahan was able to bring good changes in Jahangir.She was able to control his drinking habits and his polygamy behavior. She was his last wife.Jahangir was a personality, who was marrying often for lust and was in search of love.He stopped once he discovered love in NurJahan.He had been searching for love which he did not get in his previous wedding.What love he was searching he got only with Nurjahan.After that there was no need for Jahangir to go in search of love.He stopped his polygamy activity and settled down happily with Nurjahan.Nurjahan was a good friend,wife and mother to Jahangir.

This love between Nur and Jahan had been written by historians as well as foreign travelers who had visited Jahangir’s court.This love is worth to be said as first and last love.


Shahjahan was the 5th Mughal emperor and son of Jahangir.Mumtaz was his third wife.The love of Shajahan and Mumtaz is known to the world by the famous Taj mahal. There was true love between them.Mumtaz was the first lady to be engaged to Shajahan but their wedding took place after 5 years due to unknown reason.It was alove marriage.In this intermediate 5 years Shahjahan took 2 wives for political reason but had no love for them.Once he married Mumtaz he never thought of another marriage.He had discovered love in her.It was his first and turned out to be his last love.Mumtaz was with Shahjahan through his bad time.All his children were only through Mumtaz except his first daughter through his first wife.But Mumtaz died in 5 years once Shahjahn became the emperor.He was totally shattered and depressed.Only his second daughter Jahanra was able to bring him out of the depression.He turned his love towards his daughter.After the death of Mumtaz he became a womanizer.He was searching for love in many ladies but he did not get it again.He did not marry again in his life.This love between Shahjahan and Mumtaz is worth to be said as first and last love.


Prince Khusarao was the first son of Jahangir.His first marriage was arranged by Akbar.His wife was the daughter of Aziz Koka,the foster brother of Akbar.When there was war of succession between Jahangir and Khusarao.Jahangir won and he was imprisoned in Agra fort.When Nurjahan came to power she offered him her daughter and promised to bring him to the throne.Khusarao refused Nurjahan’s offer as he had immense love for his wife.Infact his wife begged him to agree to this offer but he frankly refused.This shows the immense love he had for his wife.This love is worth to be sais as first and last love.


The love between Akbar and Jodha Bai was not given in any Historical chronicles.Neither none of the foreign travelers nor  the  Christian fathers who were in the Mughal court had written anything about this love first of all.Nobody had even mentioned about Jodha Bai to be an important person in the Mughal court.It was only  one historian of Aurangazeb reign had written that Amber princess was the mother of Jahangir.All the other children of Akbar was born through concubines.So folk tales were developed quoting love between Akbar and Jodha bai.Jodha had no power during Akbars reign.No modern historian could quote any historical book where it states that such a love existed.It was only in Jahangirs reign where he had quoted about his mother in his autobiography Jahangirnama.Even there he only gives her respect but does not reveal that there was love between his mother and father.In the foreign travelers book they only qoute her as queen mother and and mention her as a business lady but does nor reveal any notable love between Akbar and her.The travelers had written about the love between Nur and Jahangir but nothing between Akbar and Jodha.Even in the book written by Storio do mongor who was a foreign traveler during Shahjahan and Aurangazeb no such a love had been mentioned.In fact the book contains a lot of bazaar gossip that had prevailed during the Mughal Era.The author was one among the common people.In his book he had not even mentioned about Jodha.But he had clearly revealed Akbar to be a womanizer.This clearly reveals that such a love had not existed at all.

I would discuss about Jodha and Akbar’s marriage in detail.

Jodha was the daughter of the Raja of Amber.She was the fourth wife of Akbar.The marriage between Jodha and Akbar was purely for political purpose.It was not a love marriage. Jodha’s father in order to save his kingdom from the Mughals offered his daughter to Akbar.Infact there had been a introduction between Akbar and Raja Bharmal much before the wedding.Akbar very well knew about the loyalty of the Rajputs.At the time when Raja Bharmal was introduced to Akbar,one of the elephant became mast and was running madly.All the people were tensed and running but Raja Bharmals alone was standing obediently in front of Akbar.This impressed Akbar  and he said with his own lips I will rear you one day.It was only this incident which made Akbar to agree for this wedding. The Rajputs were very loyal to Akbar.Akbar was very smart to use the Rajputs to meet his needs.At the same time he also reprimanded them when they did any mistakes.He saw to that they were kept well.Infact when he had problem with his step brother and his Muslim clans,he used the Rajputs to meet his need.This had nothing to do with love.One should compare it with Nur-Jahan love where Nurjahans family members gained favour from Jahangir only because Jahangir loved Nurjahan.In facts most of their mistakes were overlooked.But in the case of Jodha she was kept well in the harem only because of the loyality of the Rajputs.                                                                                                       More or less Akbar was a big womanizer.He married often both for political reason as well as for lust.6 months after his marriage with Jodha he was behind Abul Wasi’s wife and made Abulwasi divorce her and married her.She was not a one night show for Akbar. He desperately loved her and wanted her permanently int the harem.After his first son Salim’s birth when he went to Fathepur sikri he was flirting with Salim christi’s daughter in law and took them into his harem.He did not spend time with Salims mother.This shows the love he had with Jodha.Even at the age of 50 he was marrying often.When he conquered Kashmir he arranged a alliance between a Kashmir girl and his son Jahangir.At the same time he also married a Kashmir girl which was not necessary at all.This marriage was mainly due to the lust of Akbar and not for political reason.Lastly at the age of 50′s he arranged for a prostitute house out of the city and any customer wanted to have contact with a virgin,they had to first get permission from Akbar.This shows the interest Akbar had for virgins.ALL THESE INFORMATION WERE GIVEN BY AKBARS COURT HISTORIAN BADONI WHO WROTE THE BOOK MUNTAKHAB UT TAWARIKH WITHOUT AKBARS KNOWLEDGE.Now one should automatically understand whether Akbar had love for Jodha or not.                                                                                                                                                                                             Jodha Akbar movie was well taken.It was an imaginary story which even the director agreed.But when the serial was taken they started telling whatever they liked.Some people just for commercial purpose started creating blogs and write whatever they liked and created a senora as if the love story was true.They started scanning pages from some fake books and tried to prove the fake love story to be true.


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