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Doraemon is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Fujiko F. Fujio. The series has also been adapted into a successful anime series and media franchise.

Adaptations: Doraemon: Nobita’s the Night Before a Wedding (1999)

Genres: Comedy-drama, Science Fiction

Publishers: Fujiko Fujio (North America), Shogakukan Asia (Singapore), Shogakukan

History of Doraemon

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In December 1969, the manga Doraemon continuously published monthly magazine titles in six children. Such magazines is a magazine Yoiko (good boy), Yōchien (kindergarten), Shogaku Ichinensei (grade 1), Shogaku Yonnensei (4th grade), and since 1973 the magazine Shogaku Gogensei (5 th grade) and Shogaku Rokunensei (6th grade). The story contained in the magazines is different, which means the author of this story should be written more than 6 stories each month. In 1979, CoroCoro Comic magazine launched as Doraemon.

Since it first appeared in 1969, Doraemon stories have been collected and divided into 45 books published since 1974 to 1996 and have sold more than 80 million books in 1992. In addition, in 2005, Shogakukan published an additional serial number five volumes under the title Doraemon + (Doraemon Plus), with a different story from the original 45 volumes.

How did Doraemon end up in the present?

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He was sent back in time by his owner Sewashi Nobi to help his bumbling grandfather Nobita, who had burdened his descendents with debt due to his bad choices.

In a famous scene from the original manga, which debuted in 1969, the robot appears out of Nobita’s desk drawer.

Are there Doraemon gadgets in real life?

An estimated 4,500 gadgets have made their appearance in the thousands of comic books, cartoons, and movies based on Doraemon.

While the Anywhere Door, which lets the user travel to any location he or she wants is still out of reach, there was an exhibition in 2010 which showed how modern technology could approximate the marvels that come out of Doraemon’s yogigen-pocket (four-dimensional pocket).

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They included an invisibility cloak that allows the wearer to become transparent, medical microrobots and a brain-wave sensor that is reminiscent of Dream TV that the cat used to view others’ dreams.

One gadget that is a reality today is the 3D printer, which appeared in one episode of the comic as a “Mecha-maker”.

Who is Doraemon’s creator?

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Doraemon is the creation of Hiroshi Fujimoto and Motoo Abiko. The duo was known by their pen name Fujiko Fujio. They drew many mangas together from 1951 till 1987 when they split.

The idea for Doraemon came about from a trio of incidents that happened to Fujimoto: He had tripped over his daughter’s toy; he heard a neighborhood catfight; and he had been wishing for a machine to help him come up with a new manga concept, according to various accounts.

Fujimoto died of liver failure at age 62 in 1996.

Personality and Characteristics

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Doraemon is a blue robotic cat corresponding from the 22nd century, who weighs 129.3kg (285.05lbs) and measures at 129.3cm (4’3″) tall. He was manufactured on September 3rd in the year 2112, bearing the code MS-903, at the Matsushiba Robot Factory. Doraemon is considered a substandard product compared to other models because many of his robotic features (ie. radar whiskers and cat-calling V.ll) malfunctioned after production. During his manufacture, he got struck by lightning and lost an important screw that was part of his brain, thus affecting his performance in both his studies and towards society.

His favorite food is Dorayaki  According to a story arc in the spin-off manga series, “The Doraemons”, Doraemon’s original paint color was yellow. His color changed after getting his ears gnawed off by a robot mouse. This caused him develop the fear of mouse and slip into the depression on top of a tower, where he drank a potion labeled “sadness”, which augmented his depression to the point where, as he wept, his yellow paint washed off, and his voice deepened. These events are what caused Doraemon to develop musophobia, despite the fact he’s a robot cat. These events were also animated into the 2005 intro to the current anime series.

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Doraemon also has a fourth-dimensional pocket on his body from which he can acquire various colorful, awesome and futuristic gadgets, tools and playthings from a future department store, mostly each one he acquires in each story is to help out Nobita Nobi with anything he has trouble with in the story. He also has the tendency to panic during emergencies, characterized by him frantically trying to pull out a very much-needed tool from his pocket, only to produce a huge assortment of unrelated household items, which can be quite irritating at times. He was iminated for 17 times. He becomes angry, if, they call him tanuki.

Related Characteries

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Doraemon is a very weird cat. While most cats love matatabi; Doraemon loves to eat dorayaki to the point where his mouth waters when he thinks about them. It’s very difficult for Doraemon to go a day without dorayaki. Three days without any will make him desperately moan and do anything for a chance to get one. Doraemon is always tricked by Nobita due to this.

Doraemon: The cosmic cat protagonist of the series along with Nobita. It’s a cat-like robot that comes from the XXII century, sent by the descendants of Nobita to help. He was born on September 3, 2112  in a robot factory. During its construction was painted yellow and had ears, it really looked like a cat. Unfortunately, something went wrong during the construction of Doraemon and became a machine with low performance. The problem was a mechanical error by adjusting a screw, prevented the correct placement of a piece.

Nobi Nobita: The co-star of the series. Is lazy, clumsy and unlucky in life, besides being bad for the studios, is tormented by Takeshi Goda and Tsuneo. Doraemon always pays future inventions that were allegedly designed to solve serious problems, but Nobita just using them for their own enjoyment and the final plans do not go as he expects. Shizuka is in love and marries in the future. Strangely Nobita always interrupts Shizuka while she is bathing. Although Nobita is quite scary, in more than one episode has risked his life to helping others or save a civilization.

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Shizuka Minamoto: Is the girl Nobita likes. It’s the only girl who appears as the main character in the anime. Not only is the love of Nobita, but is also in mind the other children, making it somewhat unlikely that in the future Nobita ends up marrying apparently lower in all respects to other suitors. It has a big heart, sensitive, responsible, tolerant, nothing spiteful and very good student, always getting the best grades. He also plays the piano and violin.

Takeshi Gouda: Doraemon is also good friends with Gian. He helps him in many episodes and also feels sorry for him on some occasions. Gian may seem as a bully, but he always tries to return the favor to Doraemon by helping him out with something or other. Gian has also tricked and cheated Doraemon on occasion, but he seldom does anything like that now. Although Doraemon gets scared like everyone else when one of Gian’s concerts take place, but he has always been there for him.

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Honekawa Tsuneo: It’s a rich kid who likes to brag continually of their material possessions. It is also quite a liar and usually always agree with him to prevent it from Giant to hit it as it does with the other children. Almost always excludes Nobita when they go to a play activity.

Tamako Nobi (or Lady Nobi): Nobita’s mother and is married to Nobisuke. He is 38 years. Nobita always sends to the shop, order the room, do homework, etc.. It has the very bad temper and scolds your child cries when you suspend your exams (and especially if Nobita trying to hide that she did not see). However, it was not good girl student. He has a younger brother named Tamao.

 What does Doraemon mean?

“Dora” is a play on words. It can mean “stay” in Japanese and has connotations of being unwanted. It also means “gong”, a reference to Doraemon’s round body, and his favorite food, dorayaki.

“Emon” is an archaic suffix for male names.

When was Doraemon made?

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Unlike Hello Kitty, Doraemon is definitely a cat, but why doesn’t he have ears?

The robot came with cat ears and was painted yellow when it was first manufactured at the factory on Sept 3, 2112, and his production code was MS-903.

The movie 2112: The Birth Of Doraemon (1995) gives a detailed history of his genesis and his troubles as a defective robot.

In a nutshell, robot mice ate his ears, giving him a phobia of rodents. Sad and tramautised from the ordeal, he sobbed until he turned blue. His voice also turned hoarse from all the weeping.

Facts about Doraemon 

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  • The nick “Doraemon” actually consists of 2 words: Dora and Emon. Dora is a kind of joke from “Nora”, “Nora-Eko” which means a stray cat. Emon is a traditional addition word for human/animal male gender. For example Ishikawa Goemon. So literally, Doraemon means “Male Stray Cat”.
  • Doraemon has a production code: MS-903. It is mentioned in 2007, Doraemon’s Birthday Episode.
  • Doraemon will be finished manufactured on 3 September 2112. Wow ! 3 September is my birth date! 
  • It is believed that Doraemon’s lucky number is 1293. Doraemon weighs 129.3 kg (285 lbs) and height 129.3 cm (4’3 “). He can run up to 129.3 km / h (80.3 mph) when he is frightened and jumped 129.3 cm (424.2 feet) when in danger. Its maximum strength of 129.3 bhp. Wrist circumference 129.3 mm. the circumference of his head & chest circumference is 129.3 cm. Its feet in diameter 129.3 mm. He produced on September 3, 2112 (again 12/9/3), in the Robot Factory Matsushiba.
  • Doraemon’s ex-girlfriend in the century is Noramyako. Noramyako drops him because she felt Doraemon’s too short (it’s after Doraemon’s ears bitten by a mouse)
  • At first, Doraemon is yellow. After his ears bitten by the mouse, he got depression and sneaked up to a tower, where he drank a concoction labeled “Sadness”. When he cried, the yellow color faded and his voice changed.
  • According to Spin-off Serial, The Doraemons, Doraemon goes to a school called “Robot School”.
  • Nobita’s teacher is actually only called as “Sensei”. But on a version which played on Nihon Television, he got the name “Ganari”.
  • Doraemon and Dorami are known as brother and sister. It’s because they were created from the same oil tank. Doraemon created earlier (2 years older). Then, Sewashi family hired Dorami.
  • Dorami is greater than Doraemon because she can provide energy about 1000 horsepower, while Doraemon can only provide it about 129,3 horsepower.
  • Dorami wasn’t part of Nobita’s family at first. She was sent by Sewashi to help Doraemon taking care of Nobita if Doraemon has an important business. 
  • Doraemon is afraid of the mouse because his ears were bitten by the mouse robots when he was sleeping. But I think, it’s because Fujiko Fujio’s imajination to create a joke. 

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