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25 May 2018
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Every man in this world will have a lot of desires.It can be wealth, health, relation or anything.There is an easy way to have your desires fulfilled.It is mainly through a divine course called Ishwarya varam. This article will mainly concentrate on how you could have your desires fulfilled by using divine power.

Before reading this article pray to this Param Jyoti.




Concentrate and read and follow the instructions given.Your desire will definitely get fulfilled.If your desire gets fulfilled(which will surely happen)you contact us  we will guide you to the golden temple to personally see the Param Jyoti and receive maximum grace.


 Ishwariya Varam

There are 11 iswaryam which every human beings will require in this world.

1)Intelligence: Man should be intelligent and shrewd in this world to be sucessful.

2)Knowledge: Man should learn and acquire knowledge to tackle any suitation inthis world.

3)Courage: Man should have enough courage to do what theyhave studied in their  life.

4)Physical and mental health: This is very important in ones life.

5)Sucess: Everbody would like to have sucess in all their undertakings.

6)Money or Wealth: This is very important for man to live in this world.

7)Significance: Every body would like others to praise them that they were responsible for all the good happenings.

8)Relationship: Having good relation with all your near and dear ones is very important.

9)Conditional love: when you go out of station you would like others in this world to feel your absence.

10)Protection: There should be enough protection for ones health and wealth.

11)Causeless love: Everybody in this world would like others to love them.

There are programmes in our body which control us.These programmes either help  or prevent our desires to be fulfilled.

Programs which control us:

1)Past lives: Past life karma usually affect ones life.

2)Genitic Program: Depends on your ancestors, what genes you had acquired from them.

3)Moment of conception to first 6 hours: When you are concieved what happens around your mother, her feeling, thought all has a significant effect on you.

4)From 6 hours to 6 years.The first 6 years you take some decision subconscousily which affects your life.To explain this I would narrate a small story.There were 2 boys in a village.One day morning they saw a big posh car near the temple.They were so excited that they started playing around the car.Suddenly a rich man came out of the temple and shouted at them for meddling with his car.Both the boys were upset.One boy decided that he should become very than this fellow, the other boy came to a decesion that rich people are bad.This decision had geat impact in both their lives.The first boy became very rich, the other boy how much ever he tried, he could not acquire wealth.

5)From 6 years till now.The activities, the positive and negative energies around us will have an important impact around us.

6)Global program.

7)Galactic Program

8)Universal Program.

9)Other relams.

There are ways how we could condition this programe and have our desires fulfilled.Read them carefully.

Here are 10 conditions we have to follow to recieve abundance of Ishwariya varam.


1)No gossip.

2)Have a look at what lies you are telling everyday.

3)Looking at our self centeredness

4)Gratitude and seva to our parents.

5)Blessing from our ancestors.

6)Ego game.



9)Earning good Karma.

10)Visualisation of your desire.

Try to practice all the above 10 conditions for your desire to get fulfilled.You can pray to the Param Jyoti to help you to fulfill these conditions.


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