Saturday, 23rd June 2018
23 June 2018

Gold Course

Take this course to have access to all the possible MCQs of PG NEET and to grade yourself. To take the course first become a general member then enroll in this course to access all lessons. Getting into a pg course in the field of medicine is a great challenge faced by all doctors. Now it has become that without a PG degree MBBS degree has no value and when the others settle early in life to earn and enjoy a doctor has to slog to get a medical PG seat. We are here to help you to get a seat at the earliest. Just follow our days in the course you will more than prepared for the NEET entrance a guaranteed seat at the earliest. We have the greatest collection of MCQs more than 60000 chapters covered with a check test at the end of each lesson all free. I feel it as a service to doctors because me being a doctor I have been subjected to such challenges.

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Gold course


Anatomy Section 1

Dermatology Section 1

ENT section 1

Weekly Test

Microbiology section 1

Orthopaedics Section 1

Biochemistry Section 1

ENT Section 2

Ophthalmology Section 1

Orthopaedics Section 2

OrthoPaedics Section 3


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