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Akbar and Mariam Zamani gave birth to the 4th Mughal emperor Jahangir.

The other kids of Akbar were born through other wives and concubines of Akbar.

My friend is a great fan of Jodha Akbar love story.It was she who was telling me about the rumors in the net regarding Akbars kids which made me write this article.I made an extensive reading and also went through all possible historical sources before I wrote this article.

After the FAKE JODHA AKBAR LOVE STORY,the fans getting mesmerized by the love story and for their dreams to come true started revealing their wishes that it would be nice if all the kids of Akbar were born through Mariam Zamani.So some people for commercial purpose  started spreading the rumor that most of the kids were born through Mariam Zamani.

This article is mainly to prove that Mariam Zamani gave birth only to one kid of Akbar.

Jahangir(Muz only son)

The name of the mothers of Akbar’s children was given in Jahangirnama.

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The following are the details of Akbar’s children except for Jahangir.


The birth of this kid is given only in David price version of Jahangirnama which is proved by historians to be the unauthentic version.Even in that book, it is given that the mother was Beiby Pungarai, not Mariam Zamani.

Hasan and Hussain:

Thier birth was provided in both Akbarnama and David price version of Jahangirnama.In Akbarnama the name of the mother was not mentioned, In Jahangirnama the name was given as  Beiby Araumbuksh.

Shahzadah KHANAM:

Khanam was born through a concubine.She was born on 21st November 1569.

The kid was handed over to Mariyam Makani- Akbar’s mother as she was an elderly person and could take better care of the child than a concubine.One more reason behind this decision of Akbar is, Mariam Makani had lost her two daughters(Akbar’s sisters) when she traveled from Kabul to India.The girls were within ten years.Maybe based on it Akbar had handed over his daughter to Mariyam makani.(  The Tuzuk-i-Jahangiri;page no34)

 Khanam was born in the fourth month after Jahangir’s birth and  Khanam’s mother died during Akbar’s reign in 1599.( Akbar-nāmah    vol 3 page no 1131).This clearly proves that MUZ was not her mother.


Murad was born through a concubine.He was born on June 7th, 1570.He passed away at the age of 30 years.Murad was born in the 9th month after Salim and Akbar saw Jahangir and MUZ only in the 3rd month after the delivery.So this clearly proves that Mariam Zamani was not the mother.

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His mother was a royal concubine of Akbar.The main evidence that Mariam Zamani was not the mother is,” Daniyals mother died in 1596 as documented in Akbarnama while Mariam Zamani died in 1623 as in Jahangirnama”.

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 Both the kids were born through Beiby Daulat begum.The name was given in Jahangirnama.Akbarnama doesn’t mention the mother’s name.None of the books of Mughals era documents that Mariam zamani gave birth to these daughters.

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The list of the  kids of Akbar which died when it was young was given in Akbarnama and David price version of Jahangirnama.As usual Akbarnama doesn’t give the identity of the mother.Jahangirnama has given the mother’s identity.Jahangirnama doesn’t document that any kid was born through Mariam Zamani except Jahangir.

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I had written this article with the good aim that history should not be distorted for the sake of a fake love story and to meet certain people’s commercial needs.


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