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23 June 2018
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Arulmigu Karikrishna Perumal temple

Arulmigu KariKrishna Perumal temple

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Traveling about 30 km from Chennai the capital of Tamilnadu in south India is a place called Ponneri. Here is situated this temple of Lord Krishna along with Soundaryavalli Thayar.

Architecture of the temple 

The 16 pillar mandapam
The main gopura is white in color with beautiful idols. Idols are of Krishna, Rama, Vishnu and their related idols. Entering the temple to the left is the alankara mandapa. It’s a remade structure on the old stone pillars. The flagpost is made of metal. Next are the temple mango tree and the termite mount where resides the temple snake. The offering is made here by the devotees which are clearly visible.
Straight on entering is the temple of Lord Krishna. To his right is the shrine of the goddess Soundaryavalli Thayar.
Side view of the main gopura
Ongoing around the temple to your left is the temple courtyard. To the left is a mandapa where is placed the God’s vehicle and the temple office.
In the back to the right is the temple for goddess Andal
The gopura of Lord Krishna is small and beautiful. There is a twin gopura for the Soundaryavalli Thayar and mani mandapam.
The main entrance
There is a 16 pillar mandap outside the temple in front of the Raja Gopuram. A stone slab above these pillars forms a firm ceiling for the mandap. All the 16 pillars are in a slanted position looking as if the whole structure is falling.  Actually, the whole mandap is brilliantly made in a tilted form, for the reason that the main deity here is standing in a tilted position.  All the pillars of this mandap have exquisite carvings on them.

History of the temple 

Front view of the temple
The temple God is made of stone and he is in a slanting posture. This idol was not made by anyone it appeared on it own.
There were two villages called Melkavur and Keelkavur. Most of the villagers here were cowherds. All day long they used to graze their cows. Among one herd of cows, the cowherd found that one of the cows was not yielding milk.  He had doubt if someone was milking his cow without his knowledge. So he kept a close watch on that cow. He found the cow walking away from the herd into a nearby forest. He followed the cow. The cow leads him into a forest filled with the sacred tulsi plant and the forest was filled with its fragrance. The cow then stood on a termite mount and started letting out its milk there.
The cowherd got stunned and informed about this to the others in the village.
The termite mount
The villagers thought that it must be some mayavi and decided to destroy the mount. They went with equipment to break the mount. That time a divine voice told them that lord Perumal was inside the mount.  The voice also told them that they should bring milk in pots and pour it in the mount then the God will come out
The villagers came in great numbers and poured milk for many days but still, the God was not coming out.  Then again the villagers thought why not break open the mount so that they can have a look at the Lord. Again the divine voice told them that they need not pour any more milk but the idol will be visible but the idol will remain implanted there. As the voice told the Lords leg still stands on the ground
The villagers made a small shelter for the God and were praying to the Lord.
Side view of the temple
One day king Karikalan the great Chola emperor came for an expedition near the forest where this temple was situated. He happened to spend the night there. That night his elephant was trumpeting the full night and in the morning starting walking in the direction where the temple was. The king followed the elephant and reached the temple. He thought it was God himself had led him to the temple and he was the one who built this present day stone temple.
The temple mango tree
A theft happened in the temple in the year 1992 and after that, for about 20 years the temple was not maintained and again the place became like a forest. It was at that time the termite mount became a huge one. Then the villagers requested the government to take over the temple and maintain it. Now the temple has been rebuilt but the original structure is still there.
Except for the Lords shrine, the shrines of Soundaryavalli and that of Andal is in a dilapidated condition.

Blessing of the God 

The Andal shrine
This God is prayed for getting a child. A childless couple has to come to this temple on the day of Rohini star the star of lord Krishna and offer milk,  banana, and almonds to the Lord. The Lord is bathed with the milk and the milk is offered in a pot to the couple to drink. If they pray to the God like this soon they will be blessed with a healthy boney baby

Specialty of the temple 

Soundaryavalli thayar shrine
This is the only place where lord Shiva and lord Vishnu meet each other. Here saivaites and vaishnavites respect each other. On the 5th day of the temple festival lord, Krishna is carried to the bazaar road. There lord Shiva from the nearby panchamoorthy temple come and meet lord, Krishna. They both are given offerings together then they go on their own path see the village and return back to the temple



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