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The main aim of my Blog is that history should not be distorted.Nowdays history is distorted to meet certain peoples commercial needs.History should be based on historical facts and evidences of that particular era and not on interpretation,assumption,manipulation and bazar gossip of people.Modern historian views should be respected,but history should not be altered according to thier views.Two historians 100 years after the era may have different views.We can read and enjoy thier views but not alter history according to it.Discovering and digging history is not interpretation or collecting books of modern historians which favour thier view or exaggerating bazar gossip.Digging history is going to that places and try to locate some underground library or try to trace missing pages or new books of that era.It may be tedious but still archeological department is trying to locate new genuine evidences.Even now in a temple they had located a new underground room where there was huge treasury and many items of that era.So discovering and digging history is taken care by the goverment.For a common man it is not possible.Whenever you read an article about history,always see from which historical book the evidence is given,only believe that.If you read any book of modern historian see from which source he has taken the references.AGAIN I REPEAT DISCOVERING HISTORY IS NOT INTERPRETATION,ASSUMPTION AND GATHERING MODERN HISTORIAN VIEWS.
In this blog I will mainly write only about true historical facts without assumptions and I will show how interpretation,assumption and Bazar gossip distorts history.Historical evidences will be given for every event I describe.
Distorting history is a crime.It is injustice to the future generation.My only aim is to PREVENT DISTORTING HISTORY.
Small fictional stories will be also given in the blog to make people think.
Our ancient epical stories will also be included for people to know them.
Thank you,
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