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23 June 2018

Eri Katha Ramar Temple Madhuranthagam

Eri Katha Ramar Temple Madhuranthagam

This temple is situated in a place called madhuranthagam in Tamil Nadu South India.
The main God of this temple is Lord Ram along with his wife goddess Seetha and his brother Lord Laksman.

History of the temple

This temple was built for Lord Rama when he returned from Lanka. Here Lord Rama and goddess Seetha are in their wedding attire. They had shown themselves in this form to Brigunda maharishi since he had prayed to the Lord to see them in this attire. Here Lord Rama and goddess Seetha are standing in hands held as In their wedding.
The temple of Lord Janakavalli was built by the British collector Loius palace durai. There is a river close to this temple. During the British rule this river had become full due to the rain and it was on the verge of breaking open. If it breaks the whole village would go under water. The collector did not know what to do. At that time Lord Ram along with his wife Seetha and brother Laksman appeared on top of the river and blessed the collector and told him that he would prevent the river from breaking down and the collector need not worry. As a gratitude to God the collector built the temple of goddess Janakavalli and hence the name
The main temple is almost 2000 years old and was built by the chola king Madhuranthagam.

Architecture of the temple

The entrance gopura is big and painted white with the idols of Lord Vishnu in many forms
Straight in front is the flag post behind which is the shrine of karudalwar. To the left is the temple of chakrathalwar. Straight is the temple of Lord Ram. To enter into the main praharam we have to cross a sixty pillar mandapa. The pillars are arranged in perfect order
The idol of Lord Ram along with his wife Seetha and brother Laksman is almost 10 feet. The urchavar idols are made of stone and the moolavar idols are made of bronze. In bronze is also the idols of Lord Perumal with his wife Seedhevi and Boodhevi, Lord Krishna and that of the chakra. One specialty here is there is no anjaneyar idol inside the praharam or inside the temple itself. The anjaneyar temple is situated straight in front of the temple and he comes to visit the Lord only once a year the next day of Shri ram navami. Instead we have the idol of Brigunda maharishi in praying posture offering his prayers to the Lord.
On coming out and going left is the temple of goddess Janakavalli thayar and further Is the shrine of goddess Andal.
In between both the shrine is the temple peepul tree. In this tree many people have arranged stones and worshipped to built a house of their own.
Outside the temple in front and close to the anjaneyar temple is the temple tank which is always filled with water.
Inside the temple in the right corner there are shrine for narasimha moorthy, udayar and Periyanambi.



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